How to Add Cash on Delivery Payment Option on MoreCustomersApp Store

Cash on delivery, or collect on delivery (COD), is a method of collecting payment that requires customers to pay for goods at the time of delivery. Cash On Delivery a preferred Payment Method on Your Online Store in India. This is not preferred way of payment, as sellers have a financial risk of dispatching goods, bearing shipping charges until the buyer decided to pay on delivery. But still in many small town and cities this is feasible method as many buyers are not aware of online payments or have less knowledge.

How to Set up Cash On Delivery option on your Store #

COD plugin is Free Plugin already installed in your store. If it is not Installed, you can easily Install it from PlugIns/Payment Gateway.

1. From your MoreCustomersApp admin panel, select Settings

2. Click on Plugins, enable Cash ON Delivery plugin and Enter Note and Charges as you want. Click on Update. Note: A seller can take COD Handling Charges if he wants from his customer, accordingly he can add those charges here.

3. View from site. It will show in payment method on checkout page.


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