How to set Manual Payment Option on MoreCustomersApp Online Store

Setting up Manual Payment method is absolutely free and simple. Your customers can pay in cash or by bank transfer. If your customer selects a manual payment method, you’ll need to approve their order manually. You have to verify the mode of payment and then only Dispatch the order. It is preferred way for B2B Sellers where payments are big and received in part payments. You can enter part payments manually also. Learn Here How to Edit Orders for Manual Payments.

How to Set up Manual Payment option on your Store #

Manual Payment plugin is Free Plugin already installed in your store. If it is not Installed, you can easily Install it from PlugIns/Payment Gateway.

1. From your MoreCustomersApp admin panel, select Settings

2. Click on Plugins, enable Manual payment plugin and Enter Account information and Note as you want. Click on Update.

3. View from site. It will show in payment method on checkout page.


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