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Market Online Shopping Sites

More traffic means more sales opportunities. MoreCustomersApp enables ready to use feature to help drive conversions and turn traffic into sales.

Discount and Promotions

Add Coupons and Pop-up to your online shopping sites

Offer free shipping

People always want free shipping, and most of the e-commerce sites out there are happy to oblige. MoreCustomersApp provides smart Shipping Calculator to handle free or chargable settings for your products.

Provide limited time coupon codes

Boost sales and customer loyalty by creating highly targeted discount codes and Buy One, Get One promotions right from the MoreCsutomersApp’s advanced coupon management.Set up each coupon’s active period, the number of times it can be used, and the discount type and value.Checkouts with a choice of discount codes like MoneyOff,%off or BOGO raise conversion chances by 25%.

Be competitively priced

MoreCustomersApp gives you levarage to create scarcity or value for your products.And both can be used to evoke a sense of urgency in a potential customer to close a sale.Create limited time offers, Stock or size scarcity (“3 more left in stock.”),free shipping,discounted price,festival offers and more variations.

Promote Your Sale Section

Who Doesn’t love to have a good sale offer? At times People tend to buy products just because they are on Sale. Create “Sale” category and list your slow moving or dead-stock products and create traffic on your website


Never loose potential customer’s browsed or selected products from your store. MoreCustomersApp provides them to store their wished items and easily buy from their Wishlist Account.

Customer Experience

Promote Online Shopping Site Sale Section and Increase your yearly sale

High Quality Product Photos

Upload High Quality product photos to your customers to give them real feel of it.People tend to stay longer on your product page provided they are more visually appealing.

User Generated Reviews

Enable visitors to rate and review your products. Control who can review you, and moderate your reviews before they get published. SEO friendly reviews boost your organic presence.

Return and Refund Policy

Having Return and Refund Policy is must for any eCommerce website.Your return and guarantee policies should be front and center. Your customers want to know that you’ll take care of them if the product isn’t what they were expecting. MoreCustomersApp provides easy to handle customers returns and refunds through our admin panel.

Smart Search & Shop

Smart Search for Online Shopping Site


You want your visitors to have a smooth, seamless experience on your site, and you want them to be able to find what they’re looking for.Your search bar must be prominent. MoreCustomersApp gives Category Management feature.Categorize your product properly under relevant category/sub- category to help find customer what they are looking for.

Multiple Payment Options

With Integrated Payment Gateway feature, MoreCustomersApp gives many options for your customers to make payment.Now you can even deliver to customers who are skeptical to pay online by offering them COD option.Whether they want to buy through Pay-Tm,PayPal,Credit Card or Net Banking we provide all option.Never loose a buyer now.

Single page checkout process

MoreCustomersApp provides consumers with a smooth and quick checkout experience.Now no need to jump on different pages to complete single order, all information to be entered on single page.And instantly get notified of new order and order placed to both parties.

Security and Confidence

Security For Online Shopping site

User Friendly,SEO Friedly and Mobile Friendly Site

First and foremost your website should be customer friendly and it is easily done by our PreBuilt Website Templates.Your customer can browse your store from any digital device hence MoreCustomersApp provides all mobile responsive sites.Lastly help potential customers find your store using search engines.With Advanced SEO Management feature Identify your business keywords and strategically add them to your store’s meta title and description to rank higher.

Security and Site Speed

Build your customer’s confidence with ‘SSL- certified’ website which protects the information of visitors.All eCommerce websites are on cloud hosting .reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

How do you feel when you browse a site and it take longer to load? The feeling is not good and we tend to shut it down. MoreCustomersApp gives your sites to load in less than 2 seconds. Wether it is your HomePage ,Product Page or any page visitors will feel no gap in loading.Now never loose a visitor for PageSpeed.

Use live chat

We always feel that physical presence is needed to sale our products. MoreCustomersApp helps you provide Live Chat with your visitors/customers.Wether they are on HomePage or browsing Product Page, easily track them and engage them with your live Support.Help them find right product by answering right answers to their questions instantly.

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