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MoreCustomersApp provides complete eCommerce Solution for Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing. Grow your Online Business and Not Just a Store

Add a PopUp on your Store

A popup is a message that displays to users as they are navigating on your site. The message can be Generic welcome or Thank You,It can be warm wishes for any ongoing festival or any offer that you want to show them before they leave page.An image on PopUp is more compelling.When a visitor accepts your offer on PopUp 50% of it have become invested.

Add a PopUp On Your Store
Posts for Social Media Marketing

Create Highly Valuable Posts

For a retailer it becomes increasingly difficult to display all their products. MoreCustomersApp help you to make such posts that hold your collection of products and easily share them to your store visitors , whatsApp groups or social media groups just through a Mobile App.

An Awesome “About Us” Page

The About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know your bsuiness and yourself. This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to your customers and the kind of business and products you sell. So you might as well make it great! Share your business journey, photos of your shop, any rewards earned to increase trust of your customers.

speak about your Online business
Email Marketing

Nurture Visitors into Subscribers and Subscribers into Customers

Website traffic is still considered to be best Organic Traffic. We provide WhatsApp subscription where visitors subscribe to your site through a whatsApp number. MoreCustomersApp handles all these subscribers by providing their contact details and help you to nurture these inquires and convert them into potential customers and finally buyers of your eCommerce Store.

Make it easy to share your products And Posts

MoreCustomersApp understand the need of Social Media Marketing and provide single screen to login to all major Social Media Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.From Mobile App itself you can easily share all your products & posts on any of these social accounts drive more traffic to your Online Store.

Social Media Marketing
MoreCustomersApp Support

ECommerce Support

1. Inbuilt KnowledgeBase
MoreCustomersApp have many features in one single platform. It provides all core and advanced features for your eCommerce Store.We take utmost care to explain you properly so that you can take full advantage of this solution.Go through our KnowledgeBase which is easily accessible to you on your Mobile and build and manage your online store at your pace.

2. Help Videos
we always felt it is more easy to learn visually.So MoreCustomersApp have videos uploaded on it YoutTube channnel for all it’s features where it is explained step by step how to use it.

3. Five Star Customer Support
Despite of all Support it is always good feel when someone attends you in real time.We have Dedicated support team who is always attentive and ready to help you via phone, live chat, and email. When you need a hand, our expert support team has your back.

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