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MoreCustomersApp provides excellent website theme builder tool to customize your storefront. Whether you need different theme or different block in existing theme, MCA have your back. But at times, we need some customization or help from development team to change storefront theme,layout,look or need new element.

Customizing Store Theme #

HomePage is face of your business. It is the first page of your website where visitors land. Your store layout or theme should be such that gives business branding, creates trust and bring in more customers. We built MCA Stores with many customization options to provide the flexibility to design your store as you desire, still you have some specific request, which require detail understanding from you.

You can:

  • change how customers interact with specific products and categories (e.g. dependent product options)
  • add dynamic information to a specific place or page (like buttons, texts, widgets)
  • add custom navigation to store pages
  • change colors, fonts, sizes of any element (price, button, SKU, etc.), and many more.

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Design New Element #

You should always change images on your Home Page to bring freshness. Image are a more popular form of advertising than text-based, hence the purpose of banners on the web store is to promote a brand/product or get visitors to a website.

You can :

  • Add Banners
  • Add Festive Banners
  • Add coupon/offers/deals banners
  • New arrival/Sale images
  • Product display images
  • Brand images

Or if you have any custom requirement

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Design Social Media Posts #

Social Media Marketing is a very effective marketing strategy to create brand, increase conversion or create audience to your website. Social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. allows you to build your business and promote your products. But every platform has different requirement of images. You can send us requirement for either creating images for different social media platform , or need help with paid marketing or social media post creation and sharing. MCA offers a complete or customized package depending upon your business needs.

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