MoreCustomersApp an eCommerce platform to create online business

MoreCustomersApp is an e-commerce platform. We provide a way for small and medium business owners, home sellers, creative business owners, and other industry specific businesses to create beautiful online stores without programmers and designers.

MoreCustomersApp provides 14 days free trial to built instant site that is fully customizable and managing all online sales from Web or Mobile Admin Panel. Best of all, it only takes a few moments to get set up! To sign up you will only need an email address. Sign Up Now !!!

How to Start #

To use MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Platform , you need to register with your email id. Once registered you are given 14 days free trial. After enrolling into paid plans, you can manage your Online store from MCA web or mobile panel
Whether you are retailers, home seller, DIY seller , whole seller or manufacturer, MoreCustomersApp provide all necessary plugins and eCommerce features to take your business online.
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Receive Payments

Whether you need Manual or Online Payment on your store, MoreCustomersApp got you covered. You can use payment gateways like Paypal,Stripe, RaorPay, Instamojo, or any other payment gateway of your choice. If you have any specific requirement we do provide custom integrations.
If your customers prefer to pay when they receive the order, you can set up cash on delivery payment method. This way, your customers will be able to place an order on your store and pay later. You can also configure other offline methods.

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To sell physical products, you must decide how to distribute your products to your customers. You may use services of carrier company like Fedex or DTDC, hire a local courier company, or deliver your products yourself. Along with that you might need pricing strategy for shipping. You can offer free shipping, charge real-time carrier rates, charge a flat rate, or schedule delivery. In any case, it is necessary to charge your customers a fee that will cover your costs on the products’ shipping. MoreCustomersApp has integrated with ShipRocket for Indian sellers.

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When you receive an order, you get notified via email or push notification in an MoreCustomersApp mobile app.
You can see all the placed orders in your MoreCustomersApp admin panel both on Desktop or in the mobile app. From there, you can further process and fulfill the order.

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Manage Store

Manage your instant MoreCustomersApp website from Desktop panel. If you are not online and are away from your machine, you can download MoreCustomersApp Mobile App and use it to add products, create orders, and process payments on the go.

Key Features #

Instant website

MoreCustomersApp provides customizable Instant site with a built-in online store. Just add products, personalize your storefront, add store setting to reflect your brand and your eCommerce Store is ready! It is designed to be fully responsive so that your site and a store will look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Fully customizable design and functionality

Get your store to look and feel just the way you want using built-in drag and drop theme editor or get under the hood of your store with CSS. Adding Add-Ons from MoreCustomersApp’s Plugins/Apps to your store gives you even more customization over your store and helps to automate and enhance your business.

Share your Catalog

Sell more Online with Sales Tools like Offer, Promotions, discounts, Social Media sharing, and product recommendations. Engage your Customers in different ways from a single and best eCommerce Platform.

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MoreCustomersApp store management #

With MoreCustomersApp Admin panel View and process orders, add new products, and everything that managing your store entails. You can add team members to help manage your store, accessing the dashboard via desktop ( or MoreCustomersApp mobile app to manage on the go.

MoreCustomersApp pricing plans #

MoreCustomersApp offers a free 14 days trial to all new users.  After 14 days you can choose Monthly or Yearly subscription as per your business needs. There are no transaction fees regardless of plan. We do built Native Android Shopping App in one of our plan. If you have any customization you can talk to our team and get a custom plan too. You can switch plans at anytime. If you need more products or any additional plugin you can buy it easily from MoreCustomersApp App Market

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