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The product specifications, title, description, or image are some of the basic product data you are probably thinking about. No matter what you’re selling, your product descriptions have a huge impact on your bottom line. On the other hand, improved content is extra data and complementary material that is not 100% essential, but improves the user’s perception of a product. 

Every product needs some specifications to be told to their customers at the time of purchase. Product Specification is a document that provides critical defining information about a product, a list of rules, bans, and standards that apply to the item; design specifications, and product images that visually illustrate the product and note distinguishing. Product specifications are sharing the product’s attributes. For example, books are typically distinguished by such attributes as ISBN, author, publisher, cover type, language; Apparel can be characterized by brand, season, material, etc. With the help of product specifications, you can specify additional information on product details pages. 

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