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The MoreCustomersApp Auto SEO Plugin can help your online store reach the top of the search rankings. With the help of this plugin it will allow SEO page titles, keywords, and meta descriptions to your collections, pages, and products. Auto SEO plugins assist website owners in getting their site more visible to search engines and can help boost rankings in search results.

Let’s drive more traffic to your online store!

Note: You can still use Manual SEO for your Online Store. Learn it from here->

How to Enable Auto SEO Plugin #

1. From your MoreCustomersApp admin panel, select Plugin

2. Search Plugin or, Go to Promote Store Plugin  and select the plugin

3. Auto Generate SEO Plugin is not free, so before using it you need to buy. Click on Buy now.

4. After purchasing the plugin, Go to settings, click on Plugins, enable Auto Generate SEO plugin.

5. After plugin is activated, you can check one of your product page in browser.

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