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Filteration of Product List #

Delete Product from List #

Sorting of Product List #

Manage from Desktop Panel

Click on Any Column in Product List Page and it will sort the column Alphabeaticaly or from Low-to-High and vice versa

  • Category/Sub -Category — in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order
  • Views/Inquiries/Orders — sorting based on numeric number low to high or high to low
  • Price: low to high or Price: high to low — sorting based on the product price value
  • Name: A to Z or Name: A to Z — sorting based on the product title, in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order

Manage from Admin Mobile App Panel

1. Click  and Go-To  Products

2. Click on Sort text

3. Sort By Product Name, Newest First, Price Low-High, and Most Visited

Actions on the Product List Page from Mobile Seller Panel #

1. Manage Bulk Add /Update and Delete of Products 

2. Learn About How to Share Products here

3. Learn More About Tracking Products Here

4. Searching for Products

Click on Search Icon and type the Name or Description of Product

For eg Floral Skirt

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