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SMS Templates are used in eCommerce to grow your business. Use SMS templates to Elevate the Customer Experience. Use Ecommerce SMS notifications for delivery, shipping, or order confirmation to reduce the number of calls to customer service and improve the relationship with your clients. You can also use SMS to Generate OTP’s for secure Login’s to your Online Store.

Note:Before you use SMS Notifications with MoreCustomersApp, you need to purchase transactional SMS’s from SMS service provider

There are many SMS provider, kindly choose the best as per your business needs. Before you configure any template, you need to manually approve that from your service provider. Detailed help can be provided by respective SMS provider.

Configure SMS Service on your Online Store #

1. From your MoreCustomersApp admin panel, select  Plugins.

2. Go to Web Based SMS Service and click on active button. Enter SMS URL provided by your SMS provider and click on Update.

3. In your URL you have to change token like this. ##MobileNumber##, ##Message## and ##DltId##. So that system will take custom mobile number and custom message.

4. Now you have to set SMS templates. Add/Edit template and add template’s DltId manually. Click on Update.

5. View a sample SMS

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