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After a customer places an eCommerce order on our website, a new order is recieved in your MoreCustomersApp Admin panel. Learn How you Recieve a New Order Notification Here

When you see your eCommerce Order, following Details are necessary. Understand Complete eCommerce Order Details Below

Order Detail Screen From Web panel

Order Screen From App Panel

1. Order ID

2. Status:

  1. New : When you get a new order.
  2. Pending: when you got an order and it is in process like it is not ready, packing is pending etc.
  3. Dispatched: When your delivery partner pick order from you and ready to deliver.
  4. Delivered: When your order is Delivered to customer.
  5. Canceled by Owner: When you cancel the order.
  6. Canceled by Customer: When customer cancel the order.

3. Item qty:  number of order items.

4. Date: Date of received Order.

5. Order History Summary: If you change status of order, it will show here.

6. Shipping Information: Details of customer – Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email Id.

7. Products: Details of ordered Products – Name, Quantity, Variant, Discount, Price.

8. Payment History:

  1. Date: Date of payment received.
  2. Mode of payment: Cash/ Card/ Manual/ UPI etc.
  3. #: Reference ID of your payment.
  4. Note/ Message.
  5. Pencil Button: To edit History
  6. Delete button: To delete History
  7. + Add Button: To add a new history.

9. Payment Status :

  • success : Payment Received Successfully
  • Pending : Payment not received yet.
  • Failed : Payment is not successful.
  • Refunded : Payment is refunded to Customer.
  • Other : Partially payment etc.

10. Payment Summery: All details of Received/ Receivable Payment

11. Sub Total: Total before applying discount and other charges

12. Tax: Applied Tax

13.Postage and Packing: Delivery Charges, Packing charges, Shipping Charges, Flat Rate Charges etc.

14. Discount: Discount on Product, Coupon discount etc.

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