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Today everyone is on WhatsApp !!!. Gone are the days when whatsapp was only used for exchanging messages. Now with WhatsApp Business, people are actually selling and buying on whatsApp. Online Store talk to their customers on WhatsApp, which has brought them closer to their customers. Integrate whatsApp Subscriber Module to your MoreCustomersApp store and connect with your visitors. Your customer will trust your brand more.

So Learn How to Create your WhatsApp Subscriber List for MoreCustomersApp Store

How to enable WhatsApp Plugin #

1. Login in to MCA Admin App

2. Click on , and select Settings

3. Click on Plugins and enable  WhatsApp Subscribe


How to Add WhatsApp Subscriber block #

1. From your admin panel, click on Edit Homepage.

2. Click on Open blocks and then Subscriber from right side menu. 

3. Now select WhatsApp Subscriber and Drag and drop to homepage.

4. Click on  added block.


5. Edit text in Component Setting, to change titles.

6. After editing, Click On  Save Button

7. If you want to delete block on HomePage, just go through step 1-4, Click on Delete icon and then click on Save button on Top panel

 How Visitors subscribe to WhatsApp List

1. On your storefront, visitors will see the added block.

2. Enter your name and Email address.

3. Click on Subscribe.

Manage WhatsApp List #

1. Login in to MCA Admin App

2. Click on , and select WhatsApp Subscriber

3. List of WhatsApp Subscribers

4. You can send whatsapp message by clicking whatsapp icon or delete the same from here. (Note : Delete process is irreversible.)

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