New Arrival page in ecommerce store
Importance of “New Arrivals” Page for an eCommerce store to Keep Customers On Your Site

One of the major successes of any eCommerce Store is the variety of products they cater to their audience. Every eCommerce store whether it is clothing, shoes, bags, etc. they need to cope up with the fast-moving world and constantly

Free Shipping for Online Store
How to Use Free Shipping for Online Store

More than half of the people will only buy from you if you offer free shipping. Gone are the days when you could charge a shipping cost. Now, people don’t want to pay for it. What is Free Shipping? The

TikTOk for eCommerce Marketing
What’s the role of Tiktok in eCommerce Marketing

Since Tiktok is becoming the number one app across the world, it is only relevant to discuss how it is going to change the eCommerce dynamics. So, in this article, we discuss how much Tiktokers are making by promoting eCommerce

user generated reviews for Online store
User-Generated Reviews are always like Tiara’s on Store owners Head

There is a saying ‘Brands are known by their Customer.’ It holds weightage in all aspects. Think about it, will you buy a product from an online store without actually knowing if it is fake or not? There are just

Payment Gateway for ecommerce store
How to choose Payment Gateway for Online Store

As the online business and activities boomed in recent years, online payments have become a significant part of the e-commerce industry. We are not only using our credit and debit cards to make online payments, but there are also other

Importance of Recommendation Section in Ecommerce Business
Why Ecommerce Business Needs Recommendation Engine

The ‘Recommended for You’ section encourages customers to buy additional products, stimulating demand and it helps to Ecommerce Business in generating more sales. The biggest challenge for e-commerce businesses is giving superior customer service or user experience to buyers. Helping users

How To Use Google Analytics
Basic Guidance of How To Use Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO)

Perfect eCommerce Product Page
Your eCommerce Product Page: 7 Points you must mention

Build your Product Page Effectively and boost both Traffic and conversion of eCommerce Store. A WebStore is a storyteller of your Business and the Product Page is the Most Important Part of your eCommerce Store. Your sell and Conversion depends

Five features of MoreCustomersApp
Five Features You Need to Know about MoreCustomersApp which makes different from other eCommerce Store Builder Tools.

Hello there, before starting about feature of ECOMMERCE STORE BUILDER we should know about what is MoreCustomersApp. MoreCustomersApp is an eCommerce Website/Store Builder tool. Where you can build your eCommerce store just in three steps [Download, Install and register with

eCommerce Platform
Comparison of eCommerce platform in India MoreCustomersApp/Wix/Shopify/Zepo

There are lots of small business in India which are offline and they are eager to come on online or want to create their e-commerce store with the help of ECOMMERCE PLATFORM in India. Might be you heard about lots

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