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6 Reasons to Have Responsive websites for eCommerce Store

Responsive websites for eCommerce Store on different devices

Responsive websites mean a design that works perfectly well on all the devices whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet. For example, if you have a table on your website, the columns should fit in the screen when you open it on your mobile phone.


Reason to Have Responsive Websites for Online Business

It is important for Online Retailers to have Mobile Friendly Online Store so that their visitors and customers can browse the products regardless of what mobile devices they are using. Now, let’s get into the reasons why you should have a responsive design.


1. Increase in rising of Mobile Usage

Mobile usage has been increasing for the past many years. Now, it’s on the peak. If you are not leveraging mobile traffic, you are missing out a lot. You lose roughly 70% of visitors when your website is not responsive. If your eCommerce website design is poor, they are less likely to browse your products and more likely to visit your competitor’s site for purchase. So, it’s very necessary to leverage mobile traffic and use it to your advantage.

2.Shopping on Mobile is growing steadily

Online Shopping is increasing fast even faster than browsing your TV channels. Did you know, there are more than 50% of sales coming from mobile traffic? People prefer to order from their mobile phone rather than opening the website on their computer devices. If we analyze Age-wise statistics, maximum shopping is done by 18-25 aged people who extensively use Mobile for their Day to Day work. Mobile is more convenient for them. Holidays, Offers, Season Sales are a time when Mobile Shopping gets a spark.

3.Social Media paves the way to an increase in Mobile visitors

Social Media is the most popular medium to attract thousands of visitors on one platform. Do you realize most of the social media platforms are now available as a mobile app? If you want to get visitors from there, you will have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Add social media links of FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter to your Online Store and get visitors. They are more likely to at least check your website from mobile for the first time. If the first impression is the best one, they will likely buy from you in the future.

4.Responsive Designs Improves SEO

Google and all the other search engines prefer responsive websites more than non-responsible ones. Even search engines have the majority of mobile traffic. So, they prefer responsible websites more. Google has separate search algorithms for Mobile. So site ranking high on the desktop not necessarily ranks higher on mobile. This gives you one extra reason to have a responsive web design. Mobile SEO is a must.

5.Significantly improves User Browsing experience

How annoying it gets when you want to see the specs of a product and you can’t see the last column? You will probably skip buying that product, right? The same happens to your customers too.  Therefore, having a responsive website will not only increase user experience but reduce bounce rate and boost website conversion.  Henceforth improves brand perception too.

6.Responsive Design Fits Multiple Device Sizes

Making a responsive design is a one-time cost. Once you have the design ready, it will be compatible with not one but all the devices. You don’t need to worry about fixing it for all the devices. You can do the calculation by yourself. How many people around you use mobile devices? How many use tablets? In the same way, your website will work smoothly on all the other devices such as large size desktops and small size laptops.


Take Away

To conclude, these are some of the reasons why you should have a responsive web design. Mobile traffic plays a very important role. Lastly, it’s a one time cost. You don’t have to pay any monthly cost for this. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you should surely update our website and get a responsive design. Further, you can also get a mobile application if you want to increase sales. It will help you a lot in increasing the loyal customer base.

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