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How to Promote Shoppers to Download Your Mobile App and Become Your Loyal Customers

Promote Mobile Shopping App

When people visit your website, it might not be sure that they will buy from you. However, that’s not the case when they download your mobile app. If you can convince your customers to download your app, you have won a loyal customer. Here is how you can do that.


Influence of Mobile for eCommerce business

Mobile commerce

Seeing the increase in mobile usage, the Mobile eCommerce business is at the peak now. For every single person, it is more convenient to open the mobile app and order rather than visiting the website. People get easily influenced by the mobile app. For the same reason, many online retailers are taking steps forward and creating their own Mobile Shopping App both in Android and IOS platforms in order to cover all mobile devices.


Why Mobile App is Important.

The mobile apps market is going to be a trillion-dollar industry by the next year. When a user installs your app, they are more likely to order from you. Even if they don’t, you can always send the push notifications and convince them to buy from you. Further, you can also send offers to your mobile app users via notification. Mobile App is convenient for your customers. Also, they can read reviews, view photos, and also make payments in the app itself.


How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Just building a Mobile Shopping App, would not bring customers. There are ways to learn to promote your App. Do you need to know How to increase Mobile App downloads? What strategies to be implemented to make it visible in Playstore or Itunes? How will you compel your Online Store visitors to download Mobile App?  Here are some of the best ways, we have brought to persuade your shoppers to download your mobile shopping app

a.Show and Promote on your Website

The best way to promote your app is to promote it to the existing customers. You can use your website as a medium here. We shouldn’t neglect that still many people prefer desktop as a medium for eCommerce, hence your website will pave a way for your mobile app download. Some useful tips for the same

  1. Add a footer option to download the app
  2. You can also add a popup on your Homepage or landing page that says download the app.
  3. You can add clickable banners introducing your Mobile Shopping App, or can also add it in Menu as an option.

b. Share App link to your customers/visitors in WhatsApp, Email, or SMS

Word of mouth marketing is considered to be the best source and it comes from our family, friends, and colleagues. Personal recommendations work effectively. Except for the website, you can also share it on your WhatsApp groups. Nowadays, most businesses have their WhatsApp broadcast group or the business is available on WhatsApp. You can promote it via WhatsApp. If not, you still have the traditional SMS. Further, you can also share it in your newsletter. Email marketing is an old but yet effective way of marketing. You can also read an article on How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps

c. Help your Shoppers Discover through Social Media

social media platforms

Social media is the next way where you can promote your app. The average user spends more than an hour on the social platforms from the App. Considering this as a huge opportunity,  and reaching thousands of people at the same time, online retailers should promote Mobile App on social sites. FaceBook chat Instagram stories, Pinterest Pins are such mediums for downloads.

d. Make your Mobile Shopping App searchable through Search Engines

SEO is important. For apps, it’s known as ASO (App Store Optimizations). 63% still discover apps through ASO. You can add the proper title, description, and screenshot to do this.

e. Paid Ads to get more download

Free marketing is always desirable, but one should not forget Paid promotions. Paid Ads definitely bring your Mobile App in front of people. Facebook and Google ads are not the only ways to get the download. There are many other networks you can explore.

4. Proper and efficient marketing

Don’t use false ads or misleading ads for the app. Make sure you do proper marketing. Also, you should add a “Rate it on Play/App Store” popup in the app to invite reviews. Reviews play a very important role in getting the attention of people. So, make sure you have proper reviews if you want to increase the downloads.



To summarize, these are some of the ways you can increase downloads on your website. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should keep proper attention while publishing the app. Things like title, description, and screenshots will play a crucial role in many places. In this way, you can create a loyal fan base just by promoting the app.

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