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banner and eCommerce

A website banner image is a very first and big picture that you see when opening up a website. It is usually located at the top, but it depends upon the website designer and its business to look more unique.

Why banner is important for a Web Store?

Banners are visually appealing and can attract more visitors to the eCommerce website. Image ads are a more popular form of advertising than text-based, hence the purpose of banners on the web store is to promote a brand/product or get visitors on a website

Type of Website Banners

Banners are of different sizes and shapes. They are major of 2 types

Static: Here it is of a single image or photo, clicking on it takes to a single page. These kinds of banners are good when you want to show products to your audience and your visitors know your brand.

Dynamic: Videos, Gifs, Rotating Images comes under Dynamic banners.

Rotating banners attract more traffic

These are good for running offers, promoting a product, create brand awareness. Clicking on it will redirect to product, collection, or category page.

How to make Good Website banners

  1. Know your Objective

Know your business model, audience and your selling point accordingly design your banners.

  • Do you want to promote brands, categories, or specific products?
  • Do you want to change banners regularly, seasonally, or on New Arrivals?
  • Where do you want the banners placed on your website?

Above all questions will help you conceptualize an e-commerce marketing campaign using website banners.

  1. Fix Specifications

After your goal is identified, make a list of specifications for banner design. Size of banner, Background, Static or Dynamic Banners, Text on banners, File Format like .gif, jpeg,.png, etc. , Call to Action or Brand/product images

  1. Link to a page

Once banners are designed you need to link banners to specific pages like to a collection or category page.New Arrivals or seasonal product pages.

  1. Mobile-Optimized

80% of visitors view eCommerce sites on mobile, hence your banners need to be mobile responsive and optimized. Large banners look good on the computer but not on mobile. You can have two versions of the same banner: standard and mobile.

Why do we need to Change Banners Regularly?

Banners bring freshness to the site and improve its efficiency. If we have the same banner visitors will lose interest and hence not visit your website. It’s important that the banner graphics you use are consistent with your brand identity and overall marketing goals.

Banners keep website fresh and improves conversions

  1. Banners create first impressions among website visitors and make sure they are in the right place.Visitors make decision in less than a second about website looking at a banner, hence we need to keep on experimenting by changing them to keep on a positive impression.
  2. Redirect visitors to the most compelling offer. Banners are the centerpiece and most focal points of a website, hence you can easily take visitors to relevant pages and show them the best of your products, discounts, or New Arrivals.
  3. Good Banners contain a lot of information. The text, good product image, background gives a clear picture to site visitor what exactly they are looking for. Rotating banners gives a lot more information about the website and products and engage visitors for more duration.
  4. Changing out banners seasonally keeps the site fresh. Changing out graphics especially on holidays or promotions creates a sense of urgency among visitors hence increase conversion rate.
  5. User-generated lifestyle banners are good to show. Visitors would not only like to see products all time but also how it works in real life.These lifestyle banners shot should be tested and changed out regularly depending upon your promotions.

Free Tools Available to Create banner

There are many paid tools available to create stunning websites, but we too have free tools available to create a banner from scratch or choose and customize any of pre-made banner templates, by changing the words, contents, photos, and shapes.

  • BannerShack -It has paid as well as a free Plan. In a free plan, it allows 10 banner designs, so it is good to start.
  • Adobe Shark – For Now it is Free, and as it is Adobe it has good features and templates available.
  • Canva – It offers a free plan and more than 8000 templates to choose from. More flexible and offering more features


Finally, we conclude the importance of banner for the eCommerce website, and changing it regularly brings more traffic. Above mentioned tips will surely help increase visitors on your Online Store. MoreCustomersApp has an easy feature in Built for their Store Owners to change banners as and when they need it. Also, it allows rotating and static banners too. Website owners are free to choose the layout too.

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