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How an Art enthusiast Built a Successful Jewelry Store Brand : Missori Silver

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Alpa Agarwal always had an eye for Indian Art. Being an Architect and a Management Graduate, she never had jewelry designing as a career option. But her artistic instinct was always on the lookout for finding the Best Look for Indian working women. This lead to the birth of Missori.

I caught up with Alpa about her daily routine at work, she stated that it involved, “planning for new jewelry collections, discussions with karigars and vendors for the customized design projects and attending to clients.” Let us hear about her takes on a jewelry store, Online Business, and MoreCustomersApp.

Please tell us a bit about your Jewelry Store and How it all started.

> Missori Silver is a silver jewelry brand with a conviction to bring the most beautiful silver jewelry ranging from antique silver to contemporary designs to Indian women. We curate our jewelry by constantly looking for expert artisans from all parts of our country and bringing their unique creations to our clients. We have been avidly tracking global trends to offer our clients a product of niche value in style.
Jewelry designing was not a planned career move. I have always been an art enthusiast and have an eye for artistic aesthetics. After my management graduation, I set up my business of silver jewelry. An eye for the right designs and the formal management training helped me in many aspects of business, making it a success story.

What is your most popular product?

Silver necklace

> Most popular products keep changing from time to time. Currently, I see a Silver Multi Layered Statement Necklace has been very popular with a lot of our clients. Its timeless classic design has appealed to many.

What do you see as the most important marketing tool for your business?

> In today’s age, no one can neglect the power of Social Media Marketing. The same has helped us as well. And another powerful tool has been word-of-mouth publicity through happy clients. We have created a great bond with our clients by giving them the best designs at reasonable prices and also the after-sales service.

What were the major pain points & challenges that led you to look for a solution like MoreCustomersApp?

> I was aware of the power of eCommerce and wanted to showcase my products to a larger global audience and not limit myself to the physical place, I am located. However, building a good jewelry website had always been a challenge until I found MoreCustomersApp. I did try at least 3-4 different eCommerce platforms for building my website before this, but none of them worked for some or other reason.
MoreCustomersApp has been very intuitive and user-friendly to create a great eCommerce website. It has lots of features to enhance your website, which helped me a lot in growing my business.

Do you have any advice for new jewelry store owners?

> Be consistent, creative, and honest with your work.

Is there a specific reason you chose MoreCustomersApp as your eCommerce platform?

> Easy & quick setup of the jewelry store, very easy to manage online store & amazing features at a pocket-friendly price.

Why is eCommerce important for your business?

> Reaching out to a wider audience is necessary for niche products like mine, which are fulfilled through an eCommerce website.

Do you have any celebrity customers?

> Yes, a very talented Gujarati film actress Shraddha Dangar collaborated with Missori. Shraddha is the lead actress for the National Award-winning Gujrati film “Hellaro”. It’s indeed a matter of pride for all of us Gujaratis.
Now moving to Bollywood I would love to have Vidya Balan as my brand ambassador. “No one else makes Indian attire look as good as she does. She is the epitome of Indian style and beauty,” she justified.

And finally, where do you see your Online Jewelry Store “Missori” in 5 years’ time?

> I see Missori Silver having a diverse presence digitally and geographically in the next 5 years.

It was indeed a nice chit-chat with Alpa. We Thanks for sharing your story. We wish you Goodluck in the future. If you have a success story and want to share do email us at [email protected] 🙂

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