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How Technology play a major role in Customer Satisfaction
How Technology plays a major role in Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the must-have thing if you are in the retail industry. To make the online shopping experience better, retailers need to see customer satisfaction. One of the major things that play an important role here is technology. With

Mobile App vs Mobile Website
Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites: Which is Right for You?

Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites: Which is Right for You in 2021 and Beyond? Mobile apps and websites are two of the most important things that you need to focus on in the current year.  According to statistics every day

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital marketing is one of the trending topics in 2021. People are seeing more and more trends incoming in the current year. There was a hike of 30.4% in eCommerce sales compared to last year. This clearly shows the trend

50-60% of spends on E-commerce platforms via digital modes
Digital Payments saw 50-60% of the increase in eCommerce

Before the pandemic, the people of India believed in Cash on Delivery rather than paying via digital mode. However, the pandemic has changed a lot of things including the preferred payment methods. The people who used to pay via cash

Online returns see increase after holidays
Online Shop Returns are increasing after the holidays

Due to the pandemic, Online Selling saw a surge this year and hence a lot of returns in the new year. Retailers should see this as an opportunity to gain customer trust and one of the reasons to retain them.

coronoa impact on world
The Mass transform of Economy from Restaurants to Retailers due to Covid-19

If we summarize 2020 then… The economy has made more than 22 million jobs vanished in no time. The global pandemic started as just a small thing but has evolved into a whole new dangerous thing. Companies are forced to

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