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Simple tips on Generating Website Traffic through Social Media

Generating traffic on website from Social Media

Today 90% of people use Social media like Facebook, Instagram as part of their daily routines. On average a person spends 2-3 hours on social media. Social media Marketing is one of the best ways to generate ecommerce website traffic for online retailers. Online Shop can leverage the power of social media and get a ton of visitors as your ecommerce traffic for free. All you have to do is use social platforms in the right way. So, what is the right way? Before we learn few tips to drive more web traffic from Social Media, let us know the influence of social media in online business.

How Social Media has influenced today’s Retail and Online market

The rise in Online Shopping, Digital Marketing, and time spent by users on social media has made a significant impact on consumers buying decisions. People who are influenced by social media are likely to purchase more. Whatever we see on social platforms, it’s all in our minds. Social platforms have become a new channel of communication. People send feedback messages both positive and negative for products, which helps retailers to engage their visitors.

Benefits of Social Media for your eCommerce Website

Social media will allow your regular visits to engage with you. Whenever you have a sale or new release, you can directly share it on social media and get the attention of people. In earlier times, It was never easy to reach and interact with thousands of people all at the same time. Let us know simple tips on how we can promote our online stores.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store using Social Media

Talking about engagement, here are some of the ways to engage visitors on social outlets.

  a. Content is King, Serve the Right Content to your Social Audience who can share on their social outlet

Content is like a continental dish, one should prepare it well along with the correct presentation. If served properly would attract more. Your content should not only engage thousands of people but also attract social audiences to share it on their profile and other social networks. Let us illustrate how to put into action

If you are into the selling clothes online, make Facebook posts that highlight occasions to wear those clothes. You can share Instagram stories of happy customers who bought them. If you are selling any electronic gadgets a short video tutorial of how it is used would be nice. If you are selling special groceries, post on special food dishes or tips would attract more visitors to your online store.

Make sure your content is targeting the right audience on the right social media platform. It should be shareable on their social outlets.

 b. Your Customers Should be able to share your content

How to add social links

You will have to post something that encourages your customers to share the content. If there are no easy means to share then your content is dead. If there is no button or link to share from your product page or blog page then it is of no use. You should provide social links of FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest directly from the ecommerce product page. If there are product videos, they should be shareable too. Choose an eCommerce website development company that can customize your sharing content as per your business needs.

  c. Mobile Optimized Online Shop

Mobile Optimised Site

A mobile responsive ecommerce website is important when you are leveraging social audiences. As most of the visitors, you will get will be from mobile devices.

  d. Offering incentives to your customers to share your content.

A giveaway is a great way to invite more people to share your content with their followers. You can also give a special offer to the people who share your content. Providing coupons in email or on your Online/Offline shop is also one way to invite customers. It’s surely your choice on how you want to go with that.


To summarize, social media is a great weapon to get a ton of visibility for your eCommerce website. It will surely increase the sales and hence, the revenue. If you are not using it for your business, you are already missing out a lot.

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