New Arrival page in ecommerce store

One of the major successes of any eCommerce Store is the variety of products they cater to their audience. Every eCommerce store whether it is clothing, shoes, bags, etc. they need to cope up with the fast-moving world and constantly meet customer’s interest. Everyone is looking for something New, something Unique and Fresh. When you visit any Store you do come across New Arrivals, Fresh Arrivals shelves. This is what creates the importance of the “New Arrival” section for eCommerce Stores too. Let us take a look at some of the Online Shopping Websites.

New Arrival section in menu

Many eCommerce Store Owners spend lot of time and money to drive more sales on their Stores. There are many Digital Marketing tips to promote your Online Store. Ultimate Goal of any Online Store Owner is to bring traffic, convert them into customers, and create sales. Majorly visitors spend their time on websites on


2.Category / Collection Page

3.Product / Sales Page

Above are the pages that bring maximum traffic to our Store.

How to Bring Traffic to our eCommerce Store through New Arrival Section

Before we market we need to Categorize our New Arrivals

  1. New Arrivals for Seasonal products

Summer wear

We are lucky to have Many Seasons/Festivals coming and going in a year. We can grab this opportunity and showcase our products accordingly to attract more visitors to the Store. To name a few we can go for Fresh Summer Collection, New Winter Jackets, New Year Arrivals, etc.

  1.  New Category/Collection Arrivals

online jewelry store

Like we display products on Shelf in Physical Store, we create categories for Products in the eCommerce Store. eCommerce Store has the benefit of creating a Collection/Catalog mixing different Products. For eg. In jewelry Store we mostly lookout for unique designs in earrings, bracelets, neckpiece, etc., here Store owners can announce a New Temple Jewelry Collection by mixing different pieces of jewelry under different categories.

  1. New Discounts and Deals

Online discount deal

We all know how Deals, Offers, Coupons play a major role in driving traffic to Online Store. We can attract buyers by redirecting them to New Upcoming Deals or Preview Sales page like Amazon does it for their Prime Members.

4. New Brand/Series Arrivals

Returning Customers are always looking out for something new. Once the trust is created they will definitely spend time browsing on a website looking for something unique and different products. Here we can grab their attention by redirecting them to some Unique and Luxury Products like Nike.

Every online store should make sure it’s newest products get direct attention as customers are hunting for latest trends. If customers have to search through your listings to find What’s new they would be looking at someplace else, so make it easy for them, and  Plus, it makes promotion easy.

Ways to Market New Arrival Section

  1. Create “New Arrivals” in Navigation menu

You can create a new menu item, so it is always visible to website visitors. Be little Creative and give it an interesting name. 99% uses ‘New Arrivals’. Maybe you can try –

Latest additions

New collection

Summer collection (depending on the season)

Fresh features

New trends

Popular picks

What’s hot

what's new section

Keep it creative but it should be simple enough for customers to understand what the page tab will lead them to. Few things you need to keep in mind if you start a New Arrival’s page you need to keep editing it according to the season or kind of products you introduce to it. You need to take out more time and thought. Also, you need to add new products after regular intervals. If the same products are repeated month after month Customers may stop checking out your new arrivals section.

  1. Create Banners/Images and redirect it to New Arrival Page.

Many eCommerce stores might not have regular New Arrivals but they might be dealing with Seasonal or Festive Products. Here you can attract customer’s attention by displaying good Banner Images. As we all Know HomePage is the first landing page of any Online Shopping Site and also the first page to bring traffic and sales. Placing attractive and interactive banners will keep visitors engaged to site. Click on a banner will take them to relative New Arrival’s Page.

seasonal products store

Social Media is a big player for eCommerce Success. You can also create Banners for Social Media Pages and redirect them to your Online Website.

  1. Show PopUp on Home Page for New Product/Collection

popup image

At times,eCommerce Store owners might not have many new products coming up. For eg, those in HandiCraft Business might have a unique piece to Show as a New Antique item from their skilled craftsman. An immediate Pop-Up can brief visitors about Product and can redirect them to relevant Product/Collection Page.

Above mentioned tips are useful when you have your comfort of creating New Arrival section as you want from your eCommerce Software. Apart from these You can announce New Arrivals in Email Marketing to your customers or attach images in Shopping Invoice or promote it on Social Media. Whether you are targeting new customers or repeat ones, the goal is making a sale. In order to create sales and traffic, you keep highlighting new merchandise regularly.MoreCustomersApp is one such eCommerce website builder where you can easily modify Navigation Menus, Create quality banners and PopUps, and are always happy to help!

Freshness is key. Spend quality time on online shopping sites with great tips from MoreCustomersApp. This will give shoppers enough time to visit it at least once during their shopping journey.

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