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Offers are driving force for Online Store

In today’s retail environment, people have many options when it comes to online shopping. Technology has made shopping very easier and convenient. Retailers have realized the fact that online shopping is growing rapidly and it is not going to disappear. The brand owners have now understood that they have to make their online presence appealing to customers if they want to grab their attention.

eCommerce Sales

The pattern of online shoppers is not static but dynamic. According to e-commerce trends, it has been found that online shoppers love to shop on Mondays. Mondays generate over 16% of weekly sales and it is 10% higher than Sundays which is the second-best revenue generator. Consumer behavior is a driving force for retailers. Design your online campaigns accordingly so that you can reach the maximum number of potential customers.

How ecommerce Sale acts as Driving Force for Your Store

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce offers are the future of the retail business. Below are a few key factors that drive retailers to concentrate more on online business.

Online shopping means more clicks and more traffic on your website. It helps in ranking your website better.

  • Increase in Revenue

This is indeed the key driving force. More traffic means more customers and more revenue.

Using digital media for brand marketing is less expensive as compared to other mediums and yet more effective.

Effective social media marketing creates brand awareness and attracts more customers.

  • Increase Customer Retention

Online shoppers tend to come back to shop again if they are satisfied with initial experience. Make sure you provide excellent services so that you can retain potential customers.

Ecommerce Sales Promotion Ideas to Get More Sales

Sales and Promotions Tips

  1. Seasonal Discounts

In our part of the world, we are blessed to have four seasons a year so there is the end of season’s sale. People love to shop online when you offer them seasonal discounts.

  1. Prime Customer Deals or Pro Deals

Prime membership programs (like Amazon) on your online store attract more customers as they can view and make purchases 30 minutes earlier than other customers.

  1. Incentives For Reviews/Testimonials

Offer incentives/coupon codes to those customers who leave feedback/review after they purchase your web store.

  1. Anniversary Discount

Keep a record of your regular customers and offer anniversary, birthday’s marriage discounts.

  1. Point-Based Rewards Discount

After every purchase, add reward points into customer’s accounts which they can redeem whenever applicable.

  1. Frequent Shopper Discount

Never let your regular customers feel insignificant, offer special discounts for such customers.

  1. Credit Card Discount

Those customers who use their credit cards to pay online offer special discounts for them as well.

  1. Refer-A-Friend Discount

Like many other websites such as Gilt, offer to refer a friend discount. It will bring more customers to the web store.

  1. Pre-Order Discount

Like Amazon, offer pre-order discounts. It will not only retain the existing customers, but it will also attract more customers to jump in.

  1. First-Time Shopper Discount

Offer special discounts for first-time shoppers.

  1. Student Discount

Student shoppers can turn into regular customers. Offer special student online discounts.

  1. Festive Discount

Festivities means more online shopping. Offer exclusive festive discounts as it is the best time to increase your revenues.

  1. Free Shipping

And not to forget the free shipping. Everybody loves free shipping.

Online sales and promotions are a very convenient way of shopping and it increases the revenues for retailers. You can turn your occasional shoppers into regular customers. You just have to know what triggers your customers to come back again and make a purchase. We hope the above-mentioned guide will help you to increase and retain your customers.

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