Why Digital Marketing is must for an Ecommerce Stor

Do you know how many ecommerce websites are there in 2020? Over 20 million websites or more are available. Of these websites, only 0.2 million have a ranking of under 1 million Alexa. So, most of these ecommerce websites don’t generate a lot of traffic. Do you know the reason? It is because they are not promoting their content to a wider audience. Technically, they are not following the best practices of digital marketing for an ecommerce store promotion.

What is an Ecommerce Store?
Sounds basic, right? Well, an eCommerce store is any website that is made to sell products to the visitors. To count a website as an eCommerce store, it needs to have the checkout functionality and access to a payment gateway. This allows visitors to visit the website, find a relevant product and order it online.

find a relevant product and order it online.

Having a checkout button differentiates an ecommerce store from a traditional website. Source: Magento Forums

Types of Ecommerce Stores

Here is a list of multiple ecommerce stores available online.

  1. Product focused ecommerce stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal.
  2. Services focused ecommerce stores like Foodpanda.
  3. Subscription (digital product) focused ecommerce stores like Godaddy.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way to promote products, services, and content online. Digital marketing can be paid, organic, or social. The purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to bring relevant traffic to a medium and pass it through the funnel for ultimate conversions.

In digital marketing, a conversion can be a lead, an order, a subscription, or a form submission.

However, for an ecommerce store, the purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to bring relevant traffic to the store, convert it into a customer that places an order.

A typical user journey of an ecommerce store would look like:

Visitor > Store > Funnel > Check Out Page > Thank You page

The Marketing Funnel

Source: Track Maven

The digital marketing campaign always starts with a funnel. The funnel can have multiple stages. But a basic funnel has four stages. We also call them the AIDA model.

Awareness: When the visitor doesn’t know about your store and visits it through search engines or social media.

Interest: When the visitor knows about a product that your store sells and wants to know more information about it.

Desire: When the visitor has a desire to purchase a product and knows about multiple stores that exist in the market. He wants to compare prices, product features, and a lot more before making the final decision.

Action: The customer knows about your product and that you are the best ecommerce store to sell it. So, he/she is directly going to purchase it from you.

Note: A visitor can start from any of these stages in the funnel and your content and products should cater to each one of them for the best return on investment (ROI).

How Digital Marketing Boost Revenue of Ecommerce Store

Digital marketing is a constant effort to increase the revenue of your ecommerce store. Once you launch your store, you will have to get it in front of people so that they know that your store exists in the market. The more people know about your ecommerce website, the more chances you get of converting them into customers.

Let’s discuss various digital marketing channels available for the promotion of an ecommerce website.

List of Best Digital Marketing channels

Here is a list of widely used digital marketing channels for bringing more traffic to your ecommerce store.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most obvious ways to bring traffic to an ecommerce store. Digital marketers aka SEOs have to optimize the website for on-page and off-page SEO. This includes link building, content promotion, and content marketing activities. If you are new in SEO the ready 7 Basic SEO Techniques that everybody can do.

  • SEM

Search Engine Monetization (SEM) is another major way of bringing more traffic to a website. SEM includes paid marketing through search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other similar search engines. Most paid marketers market only on Google because it has the most share of search engines.

  • Email

Email marketing is another significant channel to bring relevant traffic to a website. It includes outreach and marketing automation. If a visitor subscribes to your newsletter you will add them to your marketing automation channels. However, if you reach out to people directly, then that will be part of your outreach campaigns. Both are different channels but serve the same purpose that is to get more conversions.

  • Social media

Many ecommerce stores get the most traffic through their social media marketing campaigns. Social media traffic can be organic or paid. Recently most social media influencers have turned towards community management to better serve their followers. Ecommerce stores can also start community management to promote their products to a wider range of audiences. Read about how to increase social media traffic.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing became famous when Snapchat and Instagram came to the market. The battle for followers has led to the emergence of influencers. In short, an influencer can promote your products and services to their followers by posting about it. You can find influencers by services like Tweet deck, Social cast, Social blade, and Social bakers.

to find social influencers by topics: Influencer Marketing

Upfluence is a good tool to find social influencers by topics. Source: Influencermarketinghub

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to market your products. Most eCommerce store owners are using affiliate marketing tools to promote their products and services. In affiliate marketing, you recruit affiliate marketers who promote your products. When someone buys the product through their reference, they get a commission for it. Affiliate marketing is not only used by eCommerce stores, but other startups such as SaaS applications get most of their customers through this method. The best affiliate marketing tool in the market is Affiliatly.

Affiliate marketing

Source: Affiliatly

  1. Online Public Relations

Promotion is just one aspect of marketing. You need to gain the trust of the media as well. So, you must promote your eCommerce store through press releases and media kits. Many PR websites can publish your content on news websites such as PRwire, Newswire, and many others. However, make sure that these news websites have a better domain rank and higher traffic. Otherwise, they will not have the desired effect.

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We hope that you are now aware of how important digital marketing is for your eCommerce store. MoreCustomersApp not only allows you to create a solid online presence but aids you in every step of your brand building.

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