How To Drive More Traffic To Your Online Store

You are all set with your ONLINE STORE, But doesn’t get any much output from it and wondering for a solution to get more traffic? Drive More Traffic To Your Online Store by using the following tactics.   

Finding a solution to encourage your visitors to make a purchase from you, instead of your competitors can be challenging, even when you have the same product that your customers need.

In fact, according to the State of Inbound, E-commerce online store is facing problems of generating leads and driving traffic.

In this article, we’ve listed a list of effective ways to drive more traffic to your online store so you can expand your business and start competing with other firms.

1. Engage with social influencers –

Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most effective factors for marketing strategy for your e-commerce online store. A recent study found that  95% of Online users aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking. So, social media is a great way to drive traffic, more engagement and awareness for your store among online users.

Influencer outreach is the popular terminology in sales strategy nowadays, thanks to the rising popularity of social media. Social Influencers have thousands of followers, who look at their posts to keep update about trends or suggestions.

For example, If you want to start an online e-commerce platform for fitness wear. Then your ideal influencers might be fitness models. You can search on Social media like Instagram via popular hashtags or Facebook.

Once you get a list of potential social influencers, Below are some ways to get them to talk about your brand on their social media accounts:

  • Send them free samples of the product
  • Create an offer for their followers
  • Offer them a share from your revenue if their followers buy the products

2. Explore the world of blogging –

You’re probably wondering how is your blog related to your online E-commerce Website?

Well actually, whether you’re writing your own blog or submit a guest blogs, writing content is the most effective way to attract new people to your online store

Start a blog: blogging if the surefire way for SEO when done correctly and targeting the proper keyword. Blogging is the reason for your customers to keep coming back to your online store for more information.

You can write blogs to promote your brand and products. To do so, you can write anything related to your niche. For example, If you are running an online clothing store, you can blog about ‘Latest fashion trend in India ’ or ‘Clothes to wear in summer’. The more you write, the more links you get for your online store.

Guest Blog: Submit Guest blog is one of the best ways to reach a larger group of audience. The guest blog is the process of writing a blog and submits them to external publications. Using Guest post, you receive a link leading user back to your website. Also, you can create backlinks within your post by giving links to your other related blogs.

Although this is a timely-taking process, doing so helps you to establish authority in your industry and helps you to form the backlinks that lead the user back to your store.

How to do a guest post.

It’s very simple just go on google search and type “guest posting sites”.  Select a website which is relevant to your business or activity example: website development for e-commerce, online store, technologies, social awareness and so on. Get their contact detail and send your post detail and about your profile to them. Do not forget to mention the link of your previous post if you have written before.

Search and do guest post for website traffic

3. Send an email to retarget slipping-away traffic  –

Focusing on driving new traffic, we normally forget about old once, who leaves the website without buying. A survey found that only 2.8% on the visitors get converted which means 97 out of 100 visitors leave without buying anything. Imagine the sell loss because of slipping away visitors.

80% of professional says that email marketing is the best way to drive customers acquisition and retention – Because you are targeting those who already show some interest in your store but hadn’t find any motivation to make a purchase.

Target each customer with the right message for effective email marketing. For example, Visitor browses through all your product but didn’t add anything in a cart. You can remind them to add products they were interested in by sending them a cart recovery email.

Besides cart recovery emails, you can also develop email campaigns about the best selling product, new arrivals to increase the chances of retention of your old visitors.

4. Leverage SEO –

Potential customers are already searching on Google for products like yours or related, So next step is to just find a way to be on top results on search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing strategy of increasing your website search rank on a search engine so that you can maximize the number of visitors on your website.

To make effective SEO plans, start your plan with keyword research. This is the word or phrase that that rank your online store or make it possible for the potential user to find your e-commerce store on a search engine. Here is detail guideline on keyword research and how it works for SEO.

Conclusion –

You only launch your store once, so do everything to get more traffic and get higher conversion rate. Also, keep in mind one size doesn’t fit all. You have to test it and evaluate the outcome to find the best strategy for your E-commerce solution.

The Final outcome depends on your execution and your industry. So, understand your customers and execute your strategy in an effective way to get a better result.

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