Keyword research

The major mistake you can make is considered more traffic as a success. But more e-commerce website traffic should never be your goal.

Increase your revenue should always be the goal.

Traffic only helps you to solve the problems related to sales. Increasing the sales should always be your focus behind all your effort.

Ranking of your website on a search engine will help you to sell more & for that, we need proper SEO for Online Products. The secret behind Successful SEO and more conversion is to target the right keywords.

if you want to perfect SEO for Online products need to do first Proper Keyword Research. 

What is Keyword Research?

It all started with the user typed the word in search box.

Keyword research is a crucial and valuable factor with the maximum output in the search marketing and content strategy. Rank your website for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can execute a strong keyword strategy and also learn more about your customers.

To Increase the conversion, you need to target keywords in a different way. 

There are many tools available to find the keywords. For example, Google keyword planner helps you to find the keyword with information about how many times people search the exact same word. 

Go into Google Ads ->Tools->Planning-> finally click on Keyword Planner

Find new keywords by the help of google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner- for SEO Keyword research

Enter your dream keywords in the text box and click on get started. After clicking on it you will get the idea of keyword relevant to your dream keywords with their volume and CPC.

Search new keywords using google keyword planner

There is a KeyWord Idea relevant to your search.

List pf keyword suggestion in google keyword planner

Find keywords for your products –

To increase your revenue, you need to drive more traffic to your website.

If you are targeting a large group of audience with your broad search terms, then probably you are wasting your time. By doing this your initial motto might be get completed but you won’t get the outcome. Because you will definitely get the traffic, but the conversion ratio would be low.

Instead, search for the specific term that targets the products you’re selling.

To do this you can use Google’s SEO keyword research tools.

For example, Let’s search for “T-shirt,”

Keyword research technique from google search

Immediately, google keyword planner gives you hundreds of related keywords like Custom T-shirt, T-shirt online, Western T-shirt, Casual T-shirt etc.

After finding these keywords related to your product, you can apply these on your product page and Google will show your website when people are looking for products to buy.

Long-tail keywords –

Long-tail keywords contain more than four words phrases and usually are very specific. For example, phrases like “life insurance for senior citizens” and “order medicine online” are examples of long-tail keywords.

Following are a sample of long-tail keywords for your better understanding

Online store website, Free Online Store Unlimited Product, 

Free Business Website, Create an e-commerce website for your own business,

Website builder software, best free website builder,

how create website free,  best website builder India,

best software builder software, small business mobile apps 

online website creation, online creation of website

 online website creation for free, free android app maker

mobile app builder, create android app online,

ios app builder best android app maker

The long-tail keyword contains millions of unique searches that only conducted a few times a day. but, it’s obvious that long-tail keyword often converts the user to the buyer. A user search for “Dress” is probably browsing to check the latest trend and not sure about purchase the product. On the other hand, if user search for  “black color dress for a cocktail” practically buy the product.

Try to use long-tail phrases, As there is a huge possibility that your competitor might not be trying to rank for the same phrase.

Conclusion –

As a non-technical person, doing SEO keyword research and put these keywords on a website is a tough task. But MoreCustomersApp: E-commerce website builder App makes it is easy for you. It creates SEO friendly website. Also, there are inbuilt marketing tools, using which you can add meta title, meta keywords, meta description individually for every product and website. So, using more customers app you can easily rank your website on your own and without making many efforts. If you really enthusiastic to develop your business website in few clicks then you should know more about e-commerce website builder App.

Your SEO for Online products will make your product visible in Search Engine & Customers can find easily.

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