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Are you running an Online business? If yes, then it is obvious that you have an E-commerce website which updates your customers. If you do not have your own e-commerce website then no worries just download or Sign-up with MoreCustomersApp and create your own website or mobile application in few clicks.

creative website designing and effective content are what you required to make a fully functional and attractive website. But your Role doesn’t end here. Instead, your E-commerce website should be ranked high on the search engine, to get the website traffic and increase your business exposure.

It’s difficult for your business to stand out from your competitors in this digital world. Search Engine Optimization playing a critical/important role to increase your visibility worldwide. Also, it is an effective technique to expand your Audience.

Growing your business with only High-quality content it seems difficult. However, with effective techniques, It’s not hard to increase your revenue and Customer base. Here are some SEO growth hacking techniques that help you to grow your business.

1. Choose right domain name

First of all, Your domain name needs to be registered in your country. To achieve better results you should consider local domain such as .co or .in. This helps you expand your business locally. On the other hand, If you have a multinational company and running your business through internet only then you can go for the .com extension domain. As it will represent your website worldwide.

This is the primary factor for SEO but that doesn’t mean you should only depend on this get high rank on the search engine. There are many other factors that may affect your website rankings. But definitely choosing the right domain would help you a lot in attracting more audience.

2. Opt for responsive web design

The internet is an ever-changing field, Now it changes to a mobile-first index for search engines. The smartphones and tablets have officially overtaken desktops as the first choice of device for internet surfing.

Majority of your audience visit your website through a smartphone. Responsive web design helps the user to read and navigate easily. It improves the user experience and they spend more time on your website. Optimizing your website – all of which are extremely important SEO growth hacking techniques. Positive reviews, higher traffic can impact your website ranking

3. Invest in keyword research.

Keywords research should be your top priority as these specific term or phrases are exactly what your users are typing in the search engine to find you. Your effort should be to create your posts or blogs on your website with the right keyword in such a way that these keywords are used in the most appropriate way possible.

The first step here is to find the right keyword based on what you can build your content. It is highly advisable to use your keyword maximum on the first page of the website so that you can be among the top search results. Obviously, the good is your content marketing strategies, the higher your traffic and rank on Google will be.

Don’t use the keywords which are very difficult to fit in the content or with low traffic. Instead, you will have to find a keyword that has high or medium traffic with medium difficulty. You can find keyword using google keyword planner. Also, concentrate on the keyword which is more suitable for your product.

4. Interlink your content –

Online traffic is the best way to get high rank your website on search engines by interlinked articles or divert your user from one page to another within the same website.

You can Also add a hyperlink in the content with leads user to other related content on your website. It’s more preferential to use internal links instead of an outbound link. This is an effective and fastest way to stimulate SEO growth.

Conclusion –

If you are making efforts in an SEO strategy, and you didn’t get any result and your website didn’t rank well on search engine then it would be a waste of time. Today, a majority of the User didn’t go on the second page of a search result to find information or product they want to buy. So, if they are not able to find you on the first page of the search results, then you are losing your potential customers. Hence, you have to adopt the SEO growth hacking techniques to expand your business and increase your revenue.

Also, you don’t have to be a technical person to perform these activities. There are many E-commerce website builder app eg. MoreCustomersApp which gives the option of inbuilt SEO for your website. You can add Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description on Home Page & every product page, Which helps you to increase your website rank.

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