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Add pop on your online store

Do you know Pop-Up on online store can multiply your business profits by two? 

Store with only Product Images will not pull the attention of visitors. It becomes kind of boring when we browse only products for a minute or 2.It is like working continuously on the phone and not hearing any sound from our WhatsApp messenger. Like we need commercials on TV we need Pop-Ups on our Online Store. Pop-Up works like a magnet to attract more visitors to your store. Suppose a customer is looking at some of your products online suddenly you display a pop-up With attractive image, Discount/Offer, and some extra information.  It will try to push customers for purchase. 

Now here in eCommerce Market MoreCustomersApp comes with an inbuilt feature for Pop-Up. You can display OFFER on any of your eCommerce Product, Give Us Feedback, Deal Notification, festival Wishes, New trends, New Arrivals or any specific sale with their destination link on single Click.

Benefits of pop-up images

Discount Display in Pop-Up: Stylic Fashion Store

Pop-up on mobile Online Store

Showing skill of his business in Pop-Up: DigiStore Electronic Store

MoreCustomersApp brings easy to Integrate such Pop-Up on online store . Every business owner would like to drive traffic on their website and MoreCustomersApp brings in ready to use In-built features. Whether you are running a Grocery Store, Clothing Store, Jewellery Store, Mobile Store doesn’t matter, Just Follow the below steps to insert PoP-ups at relevant Page.

Add details like Page, Redirection location, Category, Subcategory, Frequency [ How many times you want to display ] and click on the Save button to add.

Add detail of Pop-Up


Go through to our Video guidance on how to add pop-up.  

Last words: Pop-Up is beneficial for eCommerce Business because they continuously show Offer or New Arrivals. 

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