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Gear up your eCommerce Website for Holidays 2020

prepare your eCommerce Store for Holidays

The global pandemic has already destroyed some of the best working businesses. Due to social distancing people prefer to get their product to deliver at their doorsteps, this has led to an increase in Online Business. On the other hand, some of the local businesses like grocery, medical, and fitness stores have also surged a lot. Holidays are the perfect time to market, promote, and increase sales. The holidays are the best ways to increase your business and to maintain revenue. Here are some tips to gear up your eCommerce website for the upcoming Holidays.

CheckList for Holidays

1. Ensure Customer has Best Shopping Experience

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the customer has the best shopping experience in your store.

  1. Design Theme matters a lot. The first impression is the last impression. Considering this as an important phrase, you should build your website theme with an ongoing festival. Your website should be easy to navigate. Bright and good quality banners attract more visitors.
  2. Small things like the speed of the website, notification, and order updates are some things to keep in mind.
  3. Your website all pages shouldn’t throw any error.


2. Adequate Inventory Supplies and Strategies

Did you know, many people don’t buy things simply because they can’t find it? That’s why you need to use proper inventory strategies. Of course, keeping your inventory up-to-date is the crucial part here. Along with this, there are some other things to consider.

  1. Showcase holiday products. Display them on the homepage, featured products, etc. These are essential and the bestselling holiday products. You can also display the categories
  2. Make sure all the products are in proper categories and subcategories.
  3. Many people will just search for the product. Sometimes, they don’t know the real name of the product. So, make sure that your website search also searches in the description.
  4. Check that there is no error from viewing till checking out a product, zero error tolerance

3. Easy and Simplified Checkouts.

If you have google analytics activated, you might be seeing that many people leave your website from the checkout page. In most cases, it is because the checkout process was hard. Sometimes, the customer is not 100% sure what they want to buy a product. However, they still go for it. When the checkout is lengthy, they abort the plan. So, make sure the checkout is easy.

4. Offer Multiple Payment Solutions

Offering multiple payments is the best way to lure customers. Offer enough payment methods for your customers. Whether it is COD/Manual or Online Payments, see that you have equipped your eCommerce Store with all options, so that a customer feels at ease at the time of buying. Many Payment Gateways like RazorPay, PayPal, Stripe, Instamojo, etc, are there to choose from. Payment Solutions differ from business to business, so choose it wisely.

5. Take care of Shipping, packing and Fulfilment properly

If you are selling 50 bucks product and asking for a 10 bucks shipping fee, people won’t buy it. However, if you are offering the same product for 60 bucks with free shipping, people will buy it. So, make sure you take care of all the shipping, packing, and other things properly. Holidays are time where people buy many things, hence Free Shipping is something that customers always look forward to. Offer the best and flexible rates to attract more buyers.

6. Check the Discounts, On Sale products, and Fresh Arrivals are properly categorized.

Dead Stock products are the least sold products. Therefore, always have a discount on the those products as well as you can add them to the homepage for better sales.  Offers are driving force to your Online Store so see them you place it properly. Holidays are also time, when we bring New Arrivals too, be sure to Highlight them. Properly organize your Discounted, Dead Stock, New Arrival products and increase sales.

7. Have a clear Return Policy especially updated for Holiday Shopping.

The return policy is something that all the stores should have. Even if you don’t provide returns, you should clearly state it. The customer should get a clear idea about the policy from one page.

8. Promotional and Holiday Marketing strategies for eCommerce Store

Make sure you are utilizing the best holiday marketing strategies. Here are some.

  1. Festival discounts and sales are the common practice that you should do.
  2. Try to engage with your social audience as well. Asking them to share the product experience will increase your branding.
  3. It’s time to leverage paid marketing too. Make sure you are running Facebook ads and Google ads.
  4. Emails are outdated, use SMS and WhatsApp to communicate with your audience

9.Customer satisfaction and Support in Holiday times.

Customer Engagement is an important aspect for any eCommerce Business. In the holiday’s season, you surely might have a lot of requests. You should provide the best possible support during the holiday season. This is the time when the customer needs it more. If you provide it, they will be your permanent customer. Enable Live Chat, set automated email replies and keep your phone free to recieve and reply inquiries on time.

10.  Analyze your eCommerce Website

Last but not least don’t forget to put all your hard work in analysis, reports will guide you what is working and what is not. Sometimes, numbers speak more than plan. So, makes sure you are checking all the reports and taking the steps accordingly. It’s always better to wind up a strategy if it is not working and you are spending money on it.

The above 10 things would surely help you gear up your eCommerce Store for any Holidays. So apply it wisely and timely. It applies to all the stores whether you have a grocery store, fashion store, jewelry or a home décor store. Happy Online Selling!!!


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