Free Shipping for Online Store

More than half of the people will only buy from you if you offer free shipping. Gone are the days when you could charge a shipping cost. Now, people don’t want to pay for it.

What is Free Shipping?

The term doesn’t need more explanation. Free shipping means product delivery won’t cost anything. The buyer or the customer will just have to pay for the product on an eCommerce store. They don’t need to pay any shipping or delivery charges.

Important Statistics why Free Shipping needed in eCommerce?

Many stats show free shipping is much needed. Here are the two facts that will change your mind.

ecommerce shipping statistics

  • More than 79% of US customers said that they prefer free shipping over the paid ones. (Walker Sands)
  • Other retail studies say that 9 out of 10 customers say that free shipping is the first thing that looks in an online store (Walker Sands)

Ways to Use Free Shipping

There are many ways you can offer free shipping to your customers.

1.On All Orders

One of the best ways you can go for is free shipping on all the orders. This is the most used method that people have been following. The customer will get free shipping for every order they place.

2.Free Shipping to First Time Buyers

For some people, free shipping will cost them more. So, you can only offer free shipping to first time buyers. You can offer a coupon code where the shipping cost will be discounted.

3.Limited Time Offer

You can also increase scarcity. A limited-time free shipping offer will force your customer to buy at the same time. You can set 48 hours or 24 hours limited time offer. So, the customer has to buy at that time limit if they want to get free shipping.

4.Free Shipping To a specific region of delivery

If you sell worldwide, this would be the best technique you can follow. You can offer free shipping to your country or area. You can also set multiple areas here. It depends on your eCommerce store and how you deliver products.

5.On Orders Amount

“Shop for more than $100 and get free shipping” is the way to increase your average order amount as well as you won’t have to worried about delivering a 5 bucks’ item to another country.

6.On Selected Items

Some items will cost you more and some of the items will cost you very less. In such cases, you can only offer free shipping on selected items. You can introduce a term such as premium or something like that. If the customer buys one of those products, they will be given free shipping. If you sell your products as well as third party products, this technique will be best for you.

7.On Product Qty

If your expense depends on the product quantity, you can also set the minimum quantity that customer has to order if they want free shipping. This technique is used by the least people. Most eCommerce owners prefer to go with minimum price rather than quantity.



To conclude, this is why free shipping is needed. We also discussed a couple of ways you can offer free shipping. The best ways that customers are familiar with is free shipping on all the orders or free shipping above X dollars. However, you can use any of these. Choose eCommerce Website Builder   that provides the liberty to store owners to manage shipping settings for their Online store.

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