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Important Tips to Build Customer Loyalty Program

Important Tips to Build Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Engagement is always important for any business. Keeping your customers happy is every store owner’s priority. Even if you have no customer complaint still you need a good program to have loyal customers. Planning to implement a customer loyalty program for your eCommerce store? Make sure you read this complete guide of tips before you implement that. This will help you in making a proper decision and implementing it right.


Know CLV

You can’t simply implement the loyalty program. You will have to take out CLV which stands for Customer Lifetime Value. You can get it by summing up the total number of sales you have made from the customer. If you take out the average CLV, you can decide how many orders do customers usually place.

You can decide the loyalty program bar above the CLV. In this way, you can easily part the general audience and the loyal customers.


Amount vs Number of Orders

Most people will surely use the total amount when they are planning to implement the loyalty program. You can surely have the same thing. You can go with the total amount and have a minimum order value for each order. In simpler words, the order will be counted only if it exceeds a certain limit. In this way, you will have more order value and people will buy more for you.


Decide the Premium Advantages

If a person becomes a part of a loyalty program, you need to give them proper benefits. Having early access to flash sales and discounts is very common. You can have the same thing and add something more to it. You can surely check out more things and see what you can offer to the person. Once you know about it, you can surely work on it and make it better. In this way, the customers will want to be a part of your loyalty program. You will surely get more sales from it.  For eg, Amazon always makes sure its Prime customers get more benefits by introducing early sales offers to them.


Easy Points

Make sure that you have points set up for various things. For example, it shouldn’t be just about buying. You can also set various other actions. For example.e, if a customer refers another customer, they will get points. In the same way, you can give the reward points when they join in. Birthday bonuses are also great. Starbucks, Pizzahut are popular stores that help customers earn good points on every order they place.


Points should be Valuable

Your point should be valuable. Keep some unique items that can only be purchased if they have enough points. These things shouldn’t be purchased from money directly. In this way, you will have a better conversion ratio. It’s easier to implement this on an eCommerce store as there are plenty of products. You can also provide express delivery only for loyal customers. Express delivery can be 1-day delivery.


Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the tips you can keep in mind. Make sure you analyze your completion and see their loyalty program. Once you know about it, you can make it even better.

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