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Why eCommerce Store Should have Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Facebook messenger live chat

Facebook messenger live chat has now become one of the most crucial things for an eCommerce store. Gone are the days when this was just a fancy widget you can add to your website. Now, this has become mandatory if you want to increase customer experience as well as customer service.


Why there is a need for FaceBook Messenger Live Chat for the eCommerce Store

Live chat has become a very common thing now. You will need a live chat to increase customer experience as well as to provide better services. To give a quick overview, it can be used in all the below-given ways.

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase sales and marketing
  • Personalize data
  • Branding and trust

Facebook being a popular social platform gives more audience

No matter whether the person is new to the internet or has been on the internet for ages, he or she might surely have a Facebook account. Facebook is one of the largest social networks out there. You will get a massive audience who are using Facebook.

Facebook is also used by technical people and businesses for ads. Therefore, if you are target business customers, you will get them too. No matter what your target audience is, you will surely find them on Facebook. That’s the first reason why Fb chat is crucial.

Immediate Support

Talking about live chat, you can offer immediate support. This could be for the pre-sale questions or it can be for the customer service as well. People love it when a real person chats with them. Your customers can have peace of mind when they order from you thinking that you are there to give them a reply if something goes wrong.

Rich personal Data

Facebook has a lot of data. People have filled up their profile with all the important data such as their name, profile picture, and birthdate. Along with the basic data, you will also get an audience set. In the future, if you want to run ads, you can use this audience set to retarget the customers.

FB Messenger archives everything

Saving the data will consume a lot of space. Luckily, Facebook does everything for you. Whenever someone chats with you, Facebook will save all the data on their servers. You can even view a 1-year-old chat from the messenger. Therefore, it’s a great way to offer live chat and keep your server space free.

Automate Bots

Facebook offers automate bots using which you can send a quick reply before you reply to the message. For example, you can send a message with the link to the FAQ section of your website. In this way, if the person has some basic question that is already there in your FAQ, he or she will get the answer. Further, people like it when they are acknowledged quickly. So, a quick response will surely help.

24 Hrs Business window and sends push notifications

You can send push notifications to people anytime. The live chat will also act like a “24/7” pen window. People can contact you anytime with it. It’s good not only for customers but you will also make more sales as people will trust your brand more.

Sponsored Messages

Messenger allows sponsored messages. These are the ads that will be targeted to messenger users. It works well if you have an active messenger response. You will also get that advantage. When someone clicks on your message, you can share with them a basic overview of the eCommerce store with the link. Most people will surely check the website and you will get the traffic. They can contact you if they need help.


In general Facebook Messenger offers a real-time customer experience in your Online Store. You can offer real-time customer experience whether it’s about the service or pre-sale questions. This is the main aim of having Facebook messenger live chat in your eCommerce store. There are various other benefits you will get here.

If you have not yet added Messenger live chat in your eCommerce store, you should surely add it. It’s easy to integrate live chat into your website. You can do it with a couple of clicks in a very less amount of time. The revenue you will get will be surely more compared to the time you invested in integrating it.

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