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This is not unusual to turn your hobby into a business, and that means creating and crafting handmade things to sell online. If you have ever thought about selling the items you love to create at your home, here is everything you need to know about starting your e-commerce store.

What is a DIY Business

DIY means “doing it yourself”. It means creating, modifying, or building things without the help of a professional. When we talk about DIY business, it applies to all the items created and crafted by a person. It mostly includes handmade things such as candles, pillow covers, hair accessories, home décor items, and many more.

Few Things to Make

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  1. Handmade Jewelry

This is the in-demand DIY small business nowadays. You can create handmade jewelry by using beads or other items. As a jewelry designer, you can choose the type of jewelry you want to specialize in, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. you can create your designs or get inspiration from other designers. Make sure you have the initial training to do things like beads designing and lampwork.

  1. Bath Soap

Bath soap is an essential part of everyday life. That is why making it can be a profitable business. Some people love to have a handmade soap with beautiful aromas and appealing shapes. And the good thing is, bath soaps can be made in the kitchen by using simple products. But if you are planning to produce in large quantities, you might need a larger place for that.

  1. Candles

No matter how old, candles are still used to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. They are being used everywhere. This DIY business suite those who love candle making as a hobby. Technically, it is a low-cost business and most people make them at home to sell online. Profits depend on your ability to create beautiful and creative designs with different aromas.

  1. Hair Accessories

If you want to start Handmade Business than Hair Accessories is the best one to start with because of its growing popularity, easy to make, and very profitable. There are many variations to Hair Accessories like Bow, Hair Clips, Hair Bands, or something else. Choose your selling either in Kids’ hair accessories, bridal accessories or general clips/bows.

  1. Gift Basket Service

Humans are social animals and we all know how big is the role of Gifting on different occasions. If you have a passion for creating something beautiful from ordinary things than you can turn your art and talent to sell your services online.

  1. Wall Art and Paintings

If you are a very creative person you can turn your paintings into a premium profitable business and accordingly sell online. Start your own home painting studio and turn into your business place and sell your creations online.

  1. Handmade Home Decor

There are people who are continuously looking for decorating their house with something unique and preferable handmade items. At times there are people who love to gift each other home decor items. If you know those customer base and want to cater to them then your passion for creating handmade magnets, pillow cover, wall hangings, etc can turn into sizeable profitable online business.

  1. Handmade stationery items

Nowadays there is an increase in likes for Handmade Stationery items like Key chains, pencil toppers, File covers, Bookcase, file case, etc especially among small business offices and school going Kids. You can turn your hobby of creating quality handmade items into a sellable and profitable online business.

  1. Ceramic Art and Accessories

If you are really a skilled craft person and passionate about your creations you can turn your exclusive talent into a profitable business. There is always a niche customer base who is looking for some handmade and homemade art pieces for their house or workplace. You can also tie-up with many small craftsman’s or transfer your creativity to them and expand your product lineage.

  1. Handbag Maker

You can get very creative and make handmade bags and purses with different materials and styles for different purposes and occasions. According to demand you can create your own supply and sell Handmade clutches, bags, totes Online.

Before you start selling you need to understand a few things like

1.Know your Product: What is your passion and accordingly turn it into Business. You should do some research on Raw material, packaging the product, and demand in the market before indulging in full-fledged business.

2.Know your Customers: Who is your customer base and accordingly find it out which one to start with

3. Develop Skill: When any passion or hobby turns into a business you need to make it profitable and so need to get help from experts either in making or marketing business.

How to Sell and Market DIY items – Gateway to e-commerce Business

1. There are a few ways you can sell and market your homemade items. The first option is to create a blog. This is the easiest yet a profitable option for all online business owners. All you have to do is to find a hosting company where you host your blog. WordPress, Blogger are few to name where one can write about their passion and share with viewers to create a community.

2. There are many e-commerce online store builders Find the one that provides suitable options to sell your DIY items online. is one of them. They offer very reasonable pricing plans suitable for small and homemade businesses. All features need to create a website and sell products is inbuilt. Create MoreCustomersApp store and run your eCommerce website.

3. You can also sell your products on It is a platform that sells only handmade products and it is budget-friendly as is very easy to set up and you can link your Etsy shop on your blog.

4. Social Media, this is the place where you find all kind of audiences. Each platform like faceBook, Instagram, Pinterest has its own set of audiences you just have to hit the right button to get a good amount of Followers for your handmade products.

Examples of successful DIY online Business store


It is the best DIY craft business success story we can share. Etsy is known for selling homemade and handmade items only. All the items you will find on this platform is being made with hands, no machinery or technicalities involved in the making.

DIY home business can be very profitable if you have skills. The second most important thing that comes after is that you choose the right platform to market and sell your hand goods. Evaluate market demand and follow Google trends, social trends, and industry trends to keep yourself updated. Again, make sure you market your goods effectively to attract more customers towards your products. Also, understand the pricing strategy to turn potential customers into profits.

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