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We all know that WHO has declared Corona as Pandemic. Seeing the current situation across the world people are not allowed to go out of their houses. It has severely affected businesses across the world. All stores are closed down due to enforcement of social distancing.

Online retail is also hit from both sides.

On the one hand, more people than ever are stuck at home. Given we should all be staying at home as much as possible, an online service immediately becomes a substitute for purchases that could be made in the real-world (of course, people have to fulfill these orders, and we should not forget that.). On the other hand, Corona virus will impact Shipping Companies workers like everybody else, reducing the number of workers available to fulfill orders.

In these tragic conditions we can utilize our maximum time in creating our online presence.We have ample time to spend on laptop and search or read many things. We can educate ourselves on many things like digital marketing,social media marketing,website analysis,building online community and many such terms that we come across for our Online Store.

Apart from these we can work on our Online store that we always wanted to do. Below are a few points that we would like you to go through to start with.

1.Design your Store

Design your Online Store From Home

In fixed themes you will have the limitation in design as per your requirement and business category. But in custom themes you can change color , layout and things which need to be changed for display or attract users.

 Here is one example -> Abhushan Jewellery Store

Here is what you can do in theme customization

  • Text Color and Font 
  • Header Line Color 
  • Product heading color
  • The layout of the website 
  • The background color of the website body 
  • The background color of the box layout
  • Add Image under category/Product. 

Tips to theme customization

– Always add eye catching color 

– Always use same font family on whole website 

– Set proper heading and subheading

– Use your brand color 

– Use High quality images 

2.Display Your Products

Build your Product Page Effectively and boost both Traffic and conversion of eCommerce Store. A Web Store is a storyteller of your Business and the Product Page is the Most Important Part of your eCommerce Store. Your sell and Conversion depends on your Product Page. 

Here are the tips of the effective product page

  • Amazing & Informative Product Images
  • Helpful & Interesting Product Descriptions
  • Use Product Demo Videos
  • Clear Placement of Prices
  • Clear Add-To-Cart Buttons
  •  Display Customer Reviews & Ratings

Read more about the Effective Product Page Design and how it is beneficial to your online store.

3 Write proper About us page 

The About Us page is essential to each and every website, whether you’re an individual sharing your personal thoughts or a full-blown business with countless landing pages. Your About Us page isn’t necessarily what gets people to your website, but it is where a number of visitors are going to click over to.

A well-designed website will attract people, but the content is what keeps them there. What you’re saying about yourself is for the purpose of relating to the reader.Your website’s About page wields more marketing muscle than any other piece of content.

4. SEO of Site 

SEO on Online Store

Almost more than 85% of activity begins with search and you can improve your search by effective keywords research and proper placement in the eCommerce Store. Click below and learn how to do effective keyword research for your eCommerce store.  Keyword Research Read more…

Do site-level SEO and make your website SEO friendly. If you want to add SEO in each page then do product leve SEO , write proper metatags in each product and make them searchable on search engines. 

Here is the guidance of Product and Website level SEO  Watch Video

5.Understand the need for coupons

importance of Coupon Code in Online Store

Coupon code is a way to force your customers to buy your product. It will increase your sales and encourage your repetitive buyers and visitors.

Use your offers and coupons strategies in educating people to buy online. Create your own formulas to force customers to buy online like offering free shipping.

Read in detail about Coupon Code

Above points help you Improve your store. In the next part, we will send useful information to the market store.

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