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Perfect eCommerce Product Page

Build your Product Page Effectively and boost both Traffic and conversion of eCommerce Store. A WebStore is a storyteller of your Business and the Product Page is the Most Important Part of your eCommerce Store. Your sell and Conversion depends on your Product Page. 

If You will miss or depict bad your Product Page then all your Marketing and Advertising efforts will fail. 


Your product page is the most important page on your eCommerce site.

Now the question comes how you can create high-quality user experience eCommerce Product Page which will replicate your entire eCommerce Website.

Here, We are going to explain about 7 easy steps that make your eCommerce product Page Appealing and Informative.

1. Amazing & Informative Product Images

“If it will look good then it will sell more” this is a famous Quote in Sales and Marketing. Visual most essential for Product because before reading anything about your product they will see how it looks, if it’s looks amazing then it will go ahead. 

Do you take photographs of the product properly? Your product images excite your customers to buy or run them away it depends on their first impression. 

Bad quality image of product in product page from in online store
Bad Quality Product Image

Good quality product image on product page in online store
Good Quality Product Image

Compare above both images and you will get an idea which image will attract more customers and a high chance makes customer conversion.

What you should keep in your mind while uploading product images in your eCommerce Store. 

  • Is it looking Attractive?
  • Is color combination is good?
  • Is it Highlighting the most important things?
  • Is background good?

Don’t you have Multiple Images of Product? 

Do not stop on a single image, upload Multiple images of Products because people love to view more images. 

2. Helpful & Interesting Product Descriptions

Product Page is the most important part of the eCommerce Store not because they inform customers about your products and how and why they should buy from you. 

A great Product Page will help you in Search Engine ranking and bring in more customers in the first place.

Improving your Product pages can bring more sales to your store. It will just take a bit of time. Write a Correct Product description to your Product Page which should describe your product clearly. 

Write a unique Product description that optimized both your Product page keyword and your brand goal. There are steps how to write product description

3. Use Product Demo Videos

Do you have a demo video of your product?

Video is a great way to show your product and why it is best for the buyer. If there is a Product that needs to explain their functions then video a good option. 

Video can help solve this.

Even better, videos will bring more customers to your product pages and be grateful to better search results, then it will help convert them once they’re there.

How eCommerce Product Video Helps to Increase Your Sales

Not only do you get to fully control the content of your video, but it’s better for your search results if you’re putting out unique content rather than just adding something everyone else has.

4. Clear Placement of Prices

When we run our eCommerce store, we actually receive emails asking us about where the prices of products and where located.

Right placement of product price on product page

While we only receive a couple of these emails a month, it is enough to make us change our product layout design to make the prices easier to keep. We probably lost a lot of potential customers as we have no idea how many of our store visitors just walk away without emailing us to inquire about our prices.

You need to display your product prices in a very prominent way in the head with different colors. 

How to display your prices clearly:

Use a larger font size: Price size should largest size in product detail content  

Use contrasting color: Use contrasting color and set price close to buy now button and down to the title of the product

5. Clear Add-To-Cart Buttons

The goal of the product page is to get the buyer click on add to cart or buy now button. So add to cart button should be most appealing. 

One research said green and an orange button gets more click. 

Suppose your product is amazing but you misplaced add to cart button and Customers facing problem while adding their product into cart might be you will lose your sale.

Clear Add To Cart Button in Product Page

So make your Add cart more appealing, use color contrast, use an appropriate size and keep the button in front of the customer’s eyes.   

6. Display Customer Reviews & Ratings

Product reviews build trust, and that trust increases conversion. People use reviews a lot to judge whether or not they should buy a product. 

More than 75% of consumers consider reviews when making a purchase, and adding them to your site can help lift sales. 

In fact, reviews aren’t just helpful in increasing conversions they establish trust between customers and products. 

Most of the Business are not taking reviews because they are afraid of bad reviews but keep this thought back and start collecting reviews. Approach your customers for reviews to ask them.

“A customer’s bad review is much much better than those customers who run away from your product without saying anything” 

7. Show Related & Recommended Products

Do you wanna do cross-selling? Then show Related or Recommended products to your Visitors.  

Offer them more products that they might also enjoy and give wing to their choice.

Offer them similar, but different selection if the product they are looking at is not right for them.

Offer them trending products according to their search and tell them options.

It is a win-win situation for you and your shoppers so why not include it on your product pages?

Recommendation For you :Product Recommendation as per user's interest

Show the related image of Product according to visitor’s Interest 

Follow the above steps and make your product image stunning. Do care of your Product page it will care of your online business.

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