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Products Photography important for eCommerce websites

eCommerce sites are growing at a tremendous speed. There are many factors that you need to consider as a shop owner. Along with the product quality, effective product  description, you need to see the product images. In simpler words, the product photographs must be awesome to convince your visitors to buy your product.


Why Product Photography Needed

Product photography is one thing that you need to focus on for two main reasons. One is the design of your website and the second one is to increase sales.


Benefits of Good Product Photographs

Engage visitors: It helps you in engaging more visitors as users will surf through more pictures.

Boost sales: A good photograph will increase your sales. Your visitors will get the exact idea of what they are paying.

Trust and branding: Product photography increases your brand presence and increases trust among your visitors.


Steps to keep in Mind while taking Photographs

Here are some steps to keep in mind if you want the best photos of your products.

Important tips for product photography

1. Background

Product background is important when it comes to photography. Generally, people prefer a white background here. It should be plain white. You can surely customize it depending on your product. However, it is recommended to have a white background.


2. Lighting

Make sure there is proper lighting. Your product should be visible with no shadows. You can use 3-point lights where one is from the front and the other two are from the sideways. Further, if you are still seeing the shadow, you can add 4th point in the background. Adding the light in the background will remove the shadow.


3. Right Camera

Of course, you will need the right camera if you want to take good pictures. Some small businesses use a mobile camera to click pictures. No doubt, your mobile camera quality might be great but you need a professional camera when it comes to product photography. In this way, you can increase your brand trust and boost sales.


4. Stability while shooting

Most people think stability is only important when it comes to video. However, it is not so. Even when you are capturing a photo, you need to stabilize your camera. For this reason, most people use tripods and you can too. Tripods are the best way to keep your camera stable and capture good pictures.


5. Prepare Product for the shoot

Depending on your product, you can prepare it for the shoot. For example, if you have a clothing store, you need to make sure that clothes are clean and pressed. Your main job is to impress your customers with your photos. You need to focus more on photographs then you do at your local store. So, make sure you prepare the product before the shoot.


6. Retouch

Capture and upload – These are not the steps to follow. Instead, you need to capture, retouch, and then you need to upload it. This will ensure that the photos are best. The retouching will remove the small mistakes that you made while capturing. Even if not, it will fix the color and various other things. So, don’t forget to do the retouching.


7. User-generated Photos

In an eCommerce website, the user is the priority. So, make sure your website has enabled user-generated photos. With this, the users who have brought the photos can upload it. This will increase trust and branding.


8. Optimize images for SEO

Image SEO is simple. All you need to do is write a proper caption, description, and upload high-quality images. Further, you need to add an ALT tag. Don’t forget to compress the image.


9. Don’t get distracted from Product

Make sure you don’t get distracted from the main photo. Keep the product in between. Don’t focus more on the background. In some cases, you can also clip the background and make it a PNG image with a transparent background. This can be done is the retouching part itself.


10. Hire a professional

The last option you can go with is to hire a professional photographer. Photos play a very important role in any website, especially in an eCommerce store. So, you can invest some money and hire a professional to capture the product photos for you. In this way, you will get the best photos.



To conclude, this was all about why product photography is important when it comes to eCommerce. Make sure you follow all the tips or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

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