Importance of video in marketing

If you are running an e-commerce store, there are three goals you need to keep in mind to expand your business:

1. Driving more traffic

2. Helping your customers buy more

3. Helping your customers buy more frequently

What if I told you there’s marketing tactic that can help you to achieve your goals?

It’s a video marketing.

If you don’t have a video on your online store, then probably you are losing sales. The videos are a very important tactic to attract more visitors and helps them to get convert in buyer and also be more details about your product. The video has become a powerful marketing tool that would be crazy to ignore for an Ecommerce store.

Here are the five reasons why video marketing is one of the important strategies you can use to increase your revenue and expand your business.

1. E-Commerce Video Improves Conversions –

Did you know that User more likely to buy the product after watching the ECommerce Product Video?

Since the video has an influence on the buyer decision process, it’s obvious that it also helps you increase your conversion rate.

The study shows that 77% of the customers say that product video convinced them to buy a product or service by watching a video and reduce the product return by 25%. This means, Video not only increase the people engagement with the brand but also helps you to increase revenue.

2. Video Explains the Product Better –

When user feel that, they understand the products you sell, they’re more willing to spend their money on buying the product. Video helps customers to solve their many confusion but try to create a good product video that answers the visitor’s question with quality content.

  • Remarkable product videos encompass the following:
  • Engaging content and narrative
  • explain the product and its benefits, but keep the video short for user attention
  • Professional video, without being “stuffy”
  • emphasize the product’s unique features

3. Video is worth 1.8 million words –

Every business owner knows that content marketing is a crucial marketing strategy to increase your ranking on the search page and attracting new customers today. However, too many businesses are so focused on writing a blog and ignore one of the customer’s favorite types of content marketing: video.

In today’s hectic world, many visitors prefer a short interesting video rather than a long boring article to describe a product, service. Most people learn better when they can both hear and see compare to only read the article, so videos often describe the product in a better way. The Research state that one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words equal to approx 3500 pages. On the other hand, Video only takes a short period of time.

The video conveys a lot of information in a fraction of time. Having an E-commerce explanatory product video will give the user more information about the product.

4. Google loves the video –

Don’t you want to increase your website rank on Google without using traditional SEO work?

The answer to it has been in front of your eyes, Its a VIDEO.

If we look back to November 13th, 2006 when Google acquired youtube, now second largest search engine, it doesn’t seem a coincidence for videos to get a higher priority compared to content. A video has 50 times better chances of appearing on the first page of search results than any given text page of the website.

Here are 3 easy ways to rank your video in Google –

  1. Google owns youtube, so Host your video on YouTube and embed it on your site. To get a better result, put your video on a page that has relevant keyword-rich text. Also, you can optimize the video in the same way as a web page.
  2. Use keywords in your video title, description, and tags. For example, many searchers use word “video” in their search queries, so add word video to the title. Also, provide related context to video. This helps Google to understand what your video is about.
  3. Submit a video sitemap – The video sitemap is an extension of Google’s sitemap. Sitemaps tie together your video content and metadata.

5. Consumers Share Videos on Social Media –

Want to know more how video helps for your business? We all know that video helps you with SEO and engagement benefits. But another important thing is the use of videos for “curating products” as users pin the videos to social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and then share the video. People usually share a video compare to ordinary text messages and also video post are more responsive.

In Addition, Youtube allows you to embed the video on your online store.

Conclusion –

Throughout this article, you learn the importance of video for any e-commerce store.

First, you saw how visitors prefer to watch videos and engage with them instead of reading a whole blog.

you can also increase the rank of your website on a search engine and attract more organic traffic.

Video also helps customers learn more about your firm and your products. You can also explain your product features and increase the conversion rate.

Finally, research found that 82% of online marketers use video content in their marketing strategy. So, Video is one of the best ways to grow your online store.

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