Major Reasons Sellers should have their own eCommerce Website

Why Marketplace Sellers should create an Online Store

marketplace sellers should create an Online Store

The guide is all about creating an online store. If you are a seller at a marketplace, we will see some of the reasons why you should create your online store.

Why small business opts for MarketPlace

An online marketplace is an eCommerce business where buyers and sellers meet on a single platform like Amazon, eBay, etc.  Different marketplaces have different commission and fee structures to lure their sellers. We will first begin with why small business opts for the marketplace. There are two main reasons here.

  1. It’s easy to get started here. Sellers only need a product list, the rest all is taken care of by Online MarketPlace.
  2. It’s a cost-effective method. Many platforms like Amazon have excellent features to manage your products, inventory, marketing, etc at some fees/commission that take care of your sales.

Now, when it comes to the marketplace, the most preferred way is Amazon. So, people choose to start with being an Amazon seller. We will know more about the same.

Benefits of Being an Amazon Marketplace Seller

You can easily become an Amazon seller if you already have a product and registered business here you can sell the products. There is also a Multivendor eCommerce solution around, but here we will discuss why people go with Amazon.

  • Amazon already has a lot of customers. As Amazon has many sellers it has large product variations and hence a wider audience.
  • People are more likely to buy from Amazon than other websites as it gives trust feeling, good discounts, a wide variety of products, and deep marketing.
  • You get many tools to get started. Amazon’s easy ship facility, dropshipping, marketing strategies, etc are few to name.
  • There are various ways to market your product.
  • It’s easy to start selling on Amazon.

Why it’s a need for Amazon Sellers to create an Online store

If you already are a seller, you should start your online store. Here are a few reasons why you should have your online store.

Build your Brand

The first reason why you should get out of the marketplace and go with your online store is because of the branding. When you do your own eCommerce Website Development and have your store, you are creating your brand. This will help you a lot when you want to scale up or try new sectors.

Build your Audience

When you’re an Amazon seller, you don’t have your audience. You are selling products to Amazon users. Instead, if you have your online shop, you have your customer base. You can start email marketing and update them about new products. This won’t be possible if you’re selling in the marketplace.

Better Marketing and Advertising

If you go with the marketplace, there are various restrictions. For instance, you can’t run any advertising you want. There are trademark restrictions and as there are multi sellers, the competition from the same website increases. Instead, your online store will be a better option here.

Better control of your Inventory

Inventory management becomes a headache when you’re selling in Amazon or other online stores. Instead, you can go with the personal eCommerce Website Design. In your online store, you have full control of your inventory. You can set custom reminders and do a lot more things here. Therefore, you can always prefer to go with the online store.

Freedom to opportunity

When you are selling on Amazon or any other marketplace, the opportunities you get are very few as compared to what you get here. In your online store, you can get started with any new business. As you already have your customer base, you can easily scale it up and have as many customers as you want. That’s not possible on Amazon or other websites. So, you need to keep that in mind.

Final Words

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