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How to do Advertising for eCommerce Website

Advertising for eCommerce

As an entrepreneur, you need to multi-task many operations like eCommerce Advertising, Building a website, manage product inventory, customer acquisition, etc along with marketing your business. Earlier it was difficult to manage but now with Software As A Service(SAAS) there is ready eCommerce software that has all major eComm features needed for a fully functional website.

If you want to grow your eCommerce website, advertising for eCommerce is extremely important. You will have to run ads to ensure that your website reaches the right customers. Now, there are many types of advertising you can run. We will see all of them, here.


Types of Advertising

Here are some of the ads you can run.

1. Offline Mode

Offline mode will cost you more and is less effective but you can surely do that. You can distribute pamphlets, give ads in a newspaper, and also try hoardings if you want, TV spots, radio commercials, direct mail campaigns, and more. Other than these, the ways to run offline ads are limited. Every eCommerce Business has a different need for advertising so one thing working for someone might not give the same results to you. Hence it is always advisable to start with a small budget and focus on one or two aspects. Later you can scale up depending upon how you receive the results of marketing.

2. Online Mode

For Online Mode, you need to have a specific goal for your marketing. Whether it is more website visitors, generating leads, improve brand recognition and awareness, or something else. Each of these goals will have different KPIs (key performance indicators) associated with them. As more and more businesses are coming online due to the pandemic Digital Marketing trend is increasing.

Here, you can advertise your eCommerce website for free as well as you can pay for it. We will see different online marketing channels both paid and free.

 a. Free Advertising

Free advertising will take time. You can’t expect a lot of traffic directly on day 1. It takes time. Here are some ways you can try.


SEO Is where you optimize your website to rank on Google. You use the right keywords and post more content. Other than keywords, there are things like backlinks, etc. It’s one of the most time-consuming processes.

Impressive Product Page

A good impressive product page is advertising in itself. You can create converting product page with all the information and it will sell your product like crazy. You can also try the landing page here.

Social Media Integration

People are always on social media. You can leverage that. For that, you can integrate social media. Add a like/share button in product pages or you can also host giveaways. You can also be active on your social page and post content there.

 Transactional Email

You can always run a transactional email campaign. This is not very rewarding but you can surely try this.


 b. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the best way to scale up your eCommerce store.


Display Ads

Display ads are the ads that you see on websites. It could be a banner or also be a video. You can try that.


Facebook and Insta Ads

Facebook is known as one of the cheapest and the most effective advertising you can go with. Here, you can target people the way you want. There are various options from which you can choose. This is why you should be running Facebook and Insta ads.



Adwords ads are Google ads. You might see the ads in Google search as well as you can show the ads in Google partnered websites. This is surely your choice on how you want to show the ads.


 Google Shopping campaigns

Google shopping campaigns are the way to show the information to the customer without them having to click on your ads. If your product is a bit complicated, you can surely run this campaign, it will be very effective in that case.



To conclude, there are many ways for advertising your eCommerce website. You can start to test and experiment with different messaging, targeting options, networks, and budgets to find the optimal strategy for your business. Start with a small budget and scale up from there. Each channel has its own pros and cons. So before you jump in always read and explore and give appropriate time to Advertise your business.

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