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Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Returns a Product

Understanding your customer is the biggest goal in any business whether you’re in eCommerce or running a brick-and-mortar store. Every retailer tries to develop a long relationship with his customers through various Customer Engagement tricks, but still, he has to face customer returns. It gets annoying when the customer places a return order. You might have the customer return policy due to which you will have to issue a refund. We will see why a customer might return the product. Using this, you can easily improve this and decrease the return orders.


What is return in Online Shopping

In online shopping, a return is when the customer has bought an item and after a while, they place a return request saying that they no longer want the product and want a refund.


What is the hassle to handle a customer return?

In most cases, you will have to accept the return and give a refund. alternatively, the best way to handle a return is by replacing the item instead of issuing a refund. In this way, the customer will get what they want and you will lose less amount of money. You can mention this in your customer return policy.


Reasons for a Customer Returns

We will now see what are the reasons why online returns occur.


1.Purchased wrong Item

This is a common reason where the customer has purchased the wrong item. It might be your fault because you haven’t mentioned it on the product page or it might the user’s fault. You can surely mention that on the product page after taking feedback from the customer.


2.Seller shipped wrong product

If you don’t have good selling partners, it’s common where the seller might have shipped the wrong item. So, make sure that you are packing the right item and for the correct customers.


3.Product arrived was damaged or not as seen on the website

If you don’t have good shipping partners, the product might get damaged until it reaches the person. You can surely use good packaging if you don’t want this to happen. This will make sure that the product reaches the destination with no damage.


4. Late Shipment

You should give the correct delivery time on your website. If the product takes time to reach the customer, you need to mention it on the website. Always tell the customer 2/3 days more than the actual delivery time. This will decrease the online returns and customers will be happier.


5. Buyer found better pricing of a product

Very few chances but if you have not mentioned this in the customer refund policy, the customer can surely ask for a refund in this case. Therefore, you can surely mention this in the customer return policy and it will be fine.


6. Wardrobing

Wardrobing is a fraud common in an eCommerce store where the customer orders the item, uses it and then returns it giving some reasons. This is a common thing that most eCommerce stores are tired of. You can surely get the customer return policy right to decrease this chance. You can also remove the refund for the items that can wardrobe. This is surely your choice on how you are dealing with it.



To conclude, these are some of the common reasons for online returns. Make sure you change the service and make it better or you change the customer return policy to decrease the return requests. You can also go through our Blog on How to Write an effective Return Policy. Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc mentioned a very clear return policy.

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