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How to make Product Variants easy to Manage and Market for eCommerce WebSites

Product variant in eCommerce store

Products with variants are products that have similarities, they are based on the same model but differ in some aspects from one another. They offer customers various purchase options for a product such as different colors, sizes, dimensions, flavors, etc. Product variants should be easy to manage for the eCommerce websites. Different businesses have different requirements of Variants for their products. Many eCommerce Platforms provide it as an inbuilt feature. MoreCustomersApp provides it an easy way for its user to Manage eCommerce Product Variants and the market for eCommerce websites. The goal is to make things simple. When products have various variants such as size, shape, etc, you should make it easier for the customers. You can do it by explaining and displaying all the things in the right format.

What kind of eCommerce Product Variations can be there?

There can be various variations. Among all of them, here are the three popular ones.

1. One Variant Same Price

The main option can be where you just add one variant and the same price. It is known as a single product. There are no options available for the user to select. The example here would be a chair. Here, there are no other variants available and the price is also the same. These go for 80% of businesses. But still, there are some websites like Clothing, Shoes, Grocery that do have a need to have more than one variant for their products

2. More Than One Variant Same Price

Multiple variant same price

Sometimes, you will need to offer more than one variant but the price would be the same. For instance, if a T-shirt is available in more than 1 color, you can offer more color variants but the price will be the same. Here, users can select different variants such as color, size, etc. The price will be the same no matter which variant the user selects. This is usually used for colors as we mentioned. However, it is highly recommended that you make it clear that the price is the same

3. More than One Variant Different Price

Multiple variant different price

The last one could be where you offer more than one variant and each of them have a different price. For example, if the material or the size of the chair is different, the price would also differ. There could be more than one attribute also. The user can select the color as well as the size. So, make sure you price all of them correctly. You need to make sure that you display the price dynamically.


A few tips for your product variants

Keep these tips handy if you want to sell more. All these tips are for variable products only.

  1. Clarity on What Product Variations are available

Not naming the variations properly is the biggest mistake that people make. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Instead of writing “tall”, you should mention the size. In the same way, make sure you name the colors properly. If the colors are similar, make it clear. For example, if you have got 2 blue color shirts, make sure you name them properly. Displaying variant images would be the best option here, which brings us to the next point.

2. Each variant should have at least an image and a good quality one.

clear image for each variant

Variants should be easier to manage. The customers should be able to choose one. The best way to do this is to add an image to the variant. For example, for a shirt, if the customer clicks on the blue variant, the image should show the blue-colored shirt. Also, you can change the variant attributes to color instead of text. For example, one can click on a blue-colored button to see the blue variant instead of clicking on the button that says blue. This is also an image swatch.

3. Explain properly if there is a price variation

The price should be dynamic. If you have more than one variant and the price is different, the pricing should be explained properly. When the user changes the variant, the new price should be displayed right below it. This should be done dynamically (without refreshing the page). Even if the pricing of the product is the same, you should display the price and make it clear.



To conclude, this was all about how to make eCommerce product variants easier to manage. The solution would be to use the best eCommerce platform to manage your eCommerce store. In the popular eCommerce platform, it will be easier to manage product variations. Further, you can also do many other things that can help you in boosting your sales. So, choosing an eCommerce platform will do most of the things without you having to do anything. So, make sure you have selected one eCommerce platform.


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