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WhatsApp Business and eCommerce – Important Step for Success

WhatsApp Business for eCommerce

If you are running an eCommerce store, you also should start using WhatsApp Business. They have an important connection about which we will discuss in this guide.

Instant Messaging important for eCommerce

If you are running an eCommerce website, you will have to ensure that you stay connected with the customers. Live Chat is a need for any online business. There is no direct way to do that. For that, you will have to start using WhatsApp as it is free. WhatsApp is the best way to stay in touch with your customers as well as there are a lot of other things you can do.

WhatsApp was started as just an instant messaging app but now it has so many features that you can’t ignore. However, Whatsapp Business is different than WhatsApp. Our main focus here is how you can use WhatsApp Business as part of your e-commerce strategy. Let’s understand why.


WhatsApp Business e-commerce integration

You can integrate your WhatsApp business with eCommerce and you can leverage all these things. Here are the exact steps/tips on how you can do that.

1.Create Business Profile

At first, you will have to create a WhatsApp business profile. You can do it by installing the WhatsApp business app on your device.

WhatsApp Business profile

2.Organized your Communication through Labels

Labels are a great way to organize your communication and messages. You can organize it by adding labels. You can name the labels such as loyal customers, new customers, or leads. This depends on how you are running your marketing campaign.

3.Show your Catalog and Share Product Link

The next thing you will have to do is create your catalog. You can create a catalog on WhatsApp and add all the products there. There is a direct option to create the catalog. You will only find this option in the WhatsApp business. Thereafter, you can directly share the product link with your customers.

whatsApp Business Catalog

4.Instant Two way messaging

On the website, you can only send a message from your side. In the WhatsApp business, you can have two-way messaging. You can send a message and get an instant reply from the customer. Even you can reply to customers as WhatsApp makes it easier for anyone to reply.

5.Whatsapp Business and Automated Business

WhatsApp Business is also used to automate the process. There are many cool things you can automate here. For example, you can ask for reviews/feedback from your customers whenever they purchase an item. You can set automated messages like Away, Greeting, Quick replies. In the same way, you can also do a lot of other automation stuff from the WhatsApp business.


Integrate WhatsApp Business on your eCommerce website

The best option would be to integrate WhatsApp business on your current website. you can show the WhatsApp popup directly on the website. With this, customers can browse the products from the website and can contact you on WhatsApp if needed. The integration will also help you with the automation depending on how you integrate it.  MoreCustomersApp an eCommerce website development company in India, has an extremely unique feature of sharing your product or catalog on WhatsApp. This helps store owners to directly send links to their New Arrivals, or Fast moving items, or Trendy Collection immediately to their WhatsApp contacts. This platform also helps in sending Order Notification of purchase or handle any inquiries instantly.

whatsApp Business and MoreCustomersApp


To conclude, this was all about why you need to integrate whatsApp business to eCommerce website. This will help you in many ways. Most importantly, it will help you connect with your customers. Your customer will trust your brand more.

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