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in the era of technology, everybody searching for everything on the internet. Suppose people want to go for the food they will search on the search engine about food, Price and best place near their location or best in the city. People used to search on the internet about their problem and requirement. In this article, we are going to explain about 5 E-COMMERCE WEBSITE BUILDER and how they can help your business.

If you have the best offline business it could be anything (e.g: jewelry, Cloths, Footwear) but you do not have Online Store ( E-commerce website ) might be somewhere it will affect your ranking in the competition. According to a survey, you can increase 40% sale just by creating an E-commerce platform or an online store using the e-commerce website builder.

Your online store will represent who you are in the market. A good portfolio will help you to increase your sell and goodwill  

It is difficult to say which website maker tool is best for creating an e-commerce website or mobile app but this article will explain you about top website maker tools according to their strength & Select tool according to your convenience or requirement so Create your own e-commerce website or simple portfolio by using these tools.

Before going with any tools first write down a list of requirement what you want to do with your website or what you want to include in your online store (e.g blog, e-commerce website, simple portfolio or personal website).  What is your website or business goal will be, What feature you would like to add in your website then select a tool which one is best for you and start working on that.

Some e-commerce website builder tools provide you drag & drop facility, attractive templates or there are ordinary tools which will give you a facility to manage your website through mobile.


Wix is a famous cloud-based website builder. It offers easy access to a powerful set of features to easily build your portfolio or website.

Wix is a completely facilitated stage, so you won’t need to pay for facilitating. You gain admittance to many layouts to decide for your web composition. Every layout is completely editable with their natural drag and drops site manufacturer.


One of the biggest advantages of Wix is, it will provide you attractive and customize templates regarding your business. You will have the option of selecting customize templates. Wix has more than 200+ templates.

Choose your store template

What user looks? I think, how easily they can create a website in minimum efforts. Create a website just by drag and drop.

Few Features are free: If you are creating a simple portfolio or a non-e-commerce website then Wix is good for you. It is free.


If you are using any template in Wix and in future you will like to change the template or switch the website it is hard to do in Wix.

Yes it is true Wix has a free subscription plan but in a free plan, Wix shows their brand Ad on website or brand name of Wix in URL.


Wix has limited features in free plan their Connect Domain plan which costs $9.16 per month only lets you connect a custom domain name, so you’ll still have to buy a domain name separately.


Squarespace-eCommerce store builder tool

Squarespace has Better templates compare to any other e-commerce website builder tool. A good GUI, mobile-responsive designs, easy to use it will make your site look professional and attractive. A powerful editor that offers more design.


The Templates Are Beautiful. One of the main things individuals see about Squarespace is the excellent formats.

Ecommerce website template in square space

Versatile responsive: Squarespace will consequently make your site versatile responsive.

Squarespace gives an extraordinary stage to fabricate and have your site. You end up with a site that is spotless, current, and something you can be glad for.

Squarespace incorporates huge amounts of web architectures to begin. These structures are completely prepared for a wide range of substance. They are completely editable, and Squarespace even enables you to utilize numerous formats for a similar site without a moment’s delay.


Squarespace has limited integration with third-party service which can create difficulty in growing your Online.


Squarespace websites start from $12 per month and $18 per month. Their online stores start from $26 and $40 per month


Create your ecommerce store signup now and get days free trial

Develop Ecommerce Solution Using e-commerce Website Maker tools

MoreCustomersApp is famous for building an e-commerce website and mobile app. If you want to create your own e-commerce website and Android app, More Customers app is a good choice for you.


One of the great advantages MoreCustomersApp is Dashboard. You can manage everything from Dashboard it will show you analytics of your website.

If you have an offline local shop you want to expand it online then you should use More Customers App. You can manage your website through mobile or desktop, no need to worry where you are and how you will manage.

Easy Product Add and remove, Social media sharing, manage orders.   

In one line MoreCustomersApp is an e-commerce solution Provider. MoreCustomersApp integrates with all popular payment gateways like Instamojo

Paying all amount in once could be worry so EMI facility is available for your ease.


Pricing is according to your requirement basic plan starts from ₹ 9k one time pay.


Shopify: An online store builderShopify is some other popular e-commerce website builder designed in particular for online stores and e-commerce websites. It powers greater than half 1,000,000 companies with 1 million active customers. Over forty Billion bucks really worth of merchandise have been bought on Shopify’s platform.

Shopify is an all-in-one fully hosted answer, this indicates you don’t need to worry about dealing with software, installing updates, or maintaining backups. Shopify does all that for you.


Easy to integrate Shopify into WordPress. You will be able to use both solutions at a time.


In the starting, you will feel pricing high compared to other e-commerce website builder tool.


Shopify’s simple plan will cost you $29 per month. you may improve it to Shopify for $ seventy-nine consistent with the month or advanced Shopify for $299 per month. Shopify additionally gives a Shopify Lite plan for $9 in step with month, which basically lets you feature a buy button on any internet site.


Ecommerce website builder : BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the excellent e-commerce website builder inside the marketplace. in case you’re seeking to create an online store that scales, then BigCommerce is the platform for you. It comes with all of the critical functions integrated, so you can preserve your overhead low and margins high.

BigCommerce integrates with all popular payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Ayden, and more.

The best part is their dashboard that lets you see the metrics to help you grow your business with confidence.


The best part is their dashboard that lets you see the metrics to help you grow your business with confidence.


Since it’s a possessory platform, migrating away from BigCommerce is complicated.


BigCommerce provides you 15 days free trial. Basic plans start from $29.95 per month. Option for an upgrade to the plus plan which costs $79.95 per month for additional features. Their pro plan costs $249.95 per month.


Above e-commerce website builder tools where you can create your online store or portfolio will increase your sales or represent you more effectively. Everyone wants a website for their business and It is not easy for everyone to develop a website by dealing with programming languages or databases In that case online store builder tools are a big advantage.


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