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Shop On Wheels — Era of Future Shopping

Mobile Shops - New era of shopping

During Covid, nobody wanted to go to shops and buy stuff. Some shop owners took a turn and instead brought the Shop on wheels concept. The new era of future shopping is here. It’s all about shopping on the wheels. Therefore, the new startups and businesses are implementing new techniques that can ensure that they give the best experience to their customers. Shop on wheels is a new experiment for these startups after the pandemic year as they don’t want to take any risk again going back to big stores. Having a mobile version is one way to potentially garner brand awareness more quickly, while also affording brands a chance to visit multiple locations.

Maker&Son is a brand that goes physically to the customer’s location to serve them in the best possible way. In the same way, many other bands are doing the same thing.

Recently, in June, there was a fashion brand called Cuyana which had unveiled the showroom which shocked many people. It was the showroom on wheels which was completely new for the fashion industry. The brand has collaborated with Toyota’s Agile Space program to provide the service.

Seeing this, many other brands shifted to similar techniques or they were planning to start a mobile popup in the future.

Pros and Cons of operating a Traveling Pop-up

As traveling pop-up is gaining popularity, let us analyze its pros and cons.

  • While it allows brands to visit more places quickly, the downside is that inventory space is limited.
  • It involves every time setting up the store and merchandise in a tight time frame.
  • Travelling showroom works out of traditional retail spaces and saves a lot on that, but it changes its location every 30 days.
  • Valuable local data of neighborhood customers is gathered for each location and temporary existence creates excitement and sales
  • It might be less expensive than a permanent operating place, but it is also hard work.

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There are many ways to start your business, shop on wheels is one concept while starting it online is another. Online Store concept is also popular and scaling like anything. Many ecommerce subscription based platform like MoreCustomersApp are helping small businesses take their products online. You can create an online store in few steps and start selling online.

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