It’s always fulfilling when our orders are delivered as per our expected time. No matter what the occasion, customers always look forward to that last-minute deal to surprise their near and dear ones. As a business owner running a successful Online Store we help you in achieving shipping as demanded by your customers. MoreCustomersApp gives easy to understand and manage the Schedule Delivery Settings Module.

ECommerce Owners here in MoreCustomersApp can schedule delivery as per their convenience and say to their customers when a product will be delivered.

Offering an estimated shipping date certainly gives you an edge over your competitors

Ex: If someone is looking for a last-minute anniversary gift, he/she would definitely choose to buy from an online store that provides a particular date and time of delivery. This is because customers get an idea about when the product is likely to arrive.

How To Schedule Delivery in Online Store

1. Just Enable schedule delivery radio button ON, it is that simple

When you enable schedule delivery you will be able to add Date, Time & Days. 

Enable Schedule Delivery on your Ecommerce Store

2. Add Day(s) of your delivery.

Set Delivery Day

3.  Now select the time of delivery.

Set Delivery Time in your online store

4. View and Modify delivery time

Under the time section, you can view delivery time, that’s you have scheduled. 

 You can easily Edit, Delete and Manage Delivery.

Add and Update Delivery time in Your online Store

You are now all set. We provide an easy to handle solution for your eCommerce Site so that you focus more on sales. For more information kindly view our video tutorial here.

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