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13 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Ecommerce

13 facts of ecommerce

Everyone nowadays is familiar with E-commerce and the concept of online buying and purchasing because to the widespread availability of smartphones, tablets, and more advanced versions of Mobile devices. Nearly everyone is utterly obsessed with their smartphones and the applications available to them. People are heavy users of applications and websites that facilitate online shopping.

The proliferation of e-commerce is mainly attributable to the popularity of mobile apps and internet shopping. Considering that the world’s population is predicted to reach 7.87 billion people, this indicates that around 27.2 percent of individuals throughout the globe purchase online. Do you manage a store or operate a company? Do you realize how crucial it is to have your online shop sell all your merchandise to people all over the globe from a single location?

13 Interesting Facts of E-Commerce

Here are some surprising facts regarding E-commerce, often known as an online shop, and why any product-based firm needs to have an online presence.

  1. The United States of America may claim credit for the birth of e-commerce

Boston Computer Exchange, founded in 1982, may be considered the first genuine eCommerce provider. As far as we know, this is the first internet marketplace dedicated to helping individuals trade in their old PCs. In April 1984, CompuServe introduced the Electronic Mall, the first all-inclusive e-commerce service, to the United States and Canada. Michael Aldrich created the concept of online purchasing. In doing so, it established itself as the pioneering eCommerce firm in the industry’s history. There was an option for purchasers to pay using credit cards, and sellers could list products for sale.

  1. Amazon Rules the Online Retailing Industry

Amazon is the most visited website in the world, with 288.70M unique visits per month. Amazon, the American e-commerce behemoth, is believed to have a 90.01 percent audience reach in India. The site launched in India in 2010 and has grown to become the most popular website in the nation, with an estimated 288.70M users each year. Since selling electronics make up the bulk of India’s online retail market, it’s no surprise that this is where Amazon’s audience’s focus lies. In addition to the Echo and Alexa devices and Amazon Prime digital media, clothing for men and women, the house, groceries, and accessories for smartphones, sports, and vacations are all available.

  1. Expanding Online Markets Around the World

The idea that India is the only nation with a significant online marketplace is quickly becoming an urban legend as online buying has grown more popular worldwide. It’s hardly surprising that India has the fastest-growing eCommerce market while France has the slowest.

  1. eCommerce is the ancestor of today’s ubiquitous online marketplaces

You may be familiar with the name Michael Aldrich since he was one of the first to create an online buying experience in 1979. Nowadays, it’s common to do all or almost all of one’s shopping online. Consumers are more time-conscious and can avoid traffic and crowds by staying in their pajamas and clicking away. That’s why eCommerce has emerged as the dominant force in online retail.

There was no infrastructure for those in the rear to engage in electronic commerce. Over time, retailers using an e-commerce platform like Magento have made it simple for customers to browse, choose, and purchase various products without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  1. It’s crucial to provide accurate product descriptions

Did you know that over 90% of consumers say that in-depth information on a product is essential when making a purchase decision? Online shoppers rely heavily on this feature since they can’t pick up the item and study it in person. What you choose to include in the description when you decide to create online store may make or break your conversion rate in this situation. Essay Pro and essay on time are just two of the many writing service companies that may help you if you need assistance with creating product descriptions.

  1. Improved content quality may set you apart in the competitive marketplace

Today, everyone produces reams of material for their websites. Sixty percent of marketers, it appears, create new content every single day. Why has there been such a dramatic uptick in new media being produced? Customers are becoming tired of seeing the same old advertising on television, and businesses are savvy enough to realize this fact. The typical user would rather watch content that is beneficial to them rather than adverts. This indicates that you should constantly strive to create material of a high quality. For one reason, Internet users have shown a greater interest in longer, more in-depth articles than those that are shorter. They expect the topic to be covered in depth, so be sure to expound on any areas that are pertinent and support your arguments with proof, such as testable hypotheses and actual data.

  1. Different e-commerce programs provide additional functions and levels of quality

There are several choices for e-commerce software when you go online. Despite appearances, they are not all the same. Your professional needs will determine which e-commerce platform is best for you since the available options range widely in terms of functionality and quality. Do you want a solution that can handle everything or one that excels in certain areas like security, usability, marketing tools, software integrations, or scalability? What you decide depends on how you answer this question.

  1. E-Commerce Is Just Like Mainstream Shopping

While online shopping has many new features and strategies, it is still comparable to brick-and-mortar stores. You may get ahead of rivals that are only tech-driven by adhering to the same concepts you learned running a physical store if you sell online.

  1. Online shopping is lightning quick

Registering as a vendor and uploading product photos to any e-commerce site takes less than 30 minutes. Your items may be offered from several e-commerce businesses under various storefront names.

  1. E-commerce is the least corrupt sector

There is less corruption in the e-commerce industry than in any other business area today. Due to the model’s reliance on cutting-edge technology, online merchants report just 0.8% fraud. If you’re a retailer that sends out a thousand orders each month, just eight of them may be fake.

  1. Pricing Is Crucial In e-commerce

Despite appearances, internet shoppers aren’t as benevolent as they seem; they’re really well-informed and picky. If customers discover that the prices on your website are higher than the average for the industry, 28% of them will leave their shopping carts and never return.

  1. The Website layout is very important

The weight of eCommerce website design services is another determinant of client popularity. Is anybody else shocked by this? You know what? It’s true. It is estimated that 21% of buyers would not complete a purchase from your online shop or marketplace if the site takes too long to load.

  1. Trust in e-commerce transactions is crucial

Research shows that 81% of buyers do some kind of web investigation before making an online purchase. The absence of a human connection is one of the most significant challenges presented by online shopping, but trust is also a significant obstacle.

51% of consumers will abandon their shopping carts if they are unable to pay for their purchases with cash on delivery rather than submitting their credit card information. This, however, is rapidly changing as internet gateways like as PayPal continue to win the trust of their customers.


We hope that the information presented here regarding selling online was informative and entertaining to you. If you are considering making your first sale through the internet and considering doing so at a time when e-commerce is exploding in popularity all over the world, we advise you to be patient and honest with your customers. Do not worry if you have never sell online before since this is not anything that will disappoint you.

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