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revive your eCommerce website

Gone are the days when we have the same StoreFront all year round. With eCommerce, It is mandatory to review your Online Store timely, so it looks fresh to your visitors. Many factors are involved in making a success of an eCommerce website. eCommerce and Digital Marketing have turned around the table for most businesses. With this cutting-edge technology where many options are easily available to revive your old website, one should work on it continuously and increase sales.

Let us jot down what all points are important to get a makeover of your website and bring pouring traffic.


1. Analyze your eCommerce website traffic.

Whatever you do, it is a must to keep watch on your traffic. No matter how stunning you made your website but if there is no traffic or visitor then definitely something is not done properly. Site SEO is a very important factor to rank your website in search engines. Whatever you sell if it is not searchable to your customers then it is as good as a closed store. Meta title, Site Speed, Site Navigation,  are some of the important aspects to work on. You can go through our previous blog section of How to do SEO for your site and why it is important for any website.


2. Go through your content

Product pages are the heart of eCommerce. The offline store has a salesman to guide visitors about products, but in Online business, your product page speaks for your products.  Proper Product title, clear images, and descriptive product description play a major role. Content on your site not only gives a clear picture to your visitor about what product you are selling but also helps in SEO ranking. Apart from a product page,  writing about your store on a Blog site, Social Media site is also worth a short. User-generated reviews also important as the majority of buyers would read reviews or testimonials before making a purchase. Generating content and making it SEO-friendly is the second important aspect for the success of a website.


3. Have a MakeOver of your eCommerce website

When did you last worked on the aesthetic of your site? How much has your audience changed since you started your Online Store? How many suggestions or feedback you received about your website look and feel? Think about these questions and figure out what is to be needed. Colors, fonts, layout are small things but are much needed when you present your website to your audience. Shabby-looking Homepage or out of place banners kill website traffic. Make sure you have a neatly and fresh-looking storefront. Read more on our articles about How and why to have good Banners, Logos, etc on your eCommerce website.


4. Integrate Social Media Platforms

According to the survey, users spend 3-4 hours on social media. 60% of users go on social media before making a purchase. Social media speak out loud for your eCommerce website. Social media plays a major role in increasing web traffic, sales and conversions. Whether you want to share products, create a brand, or build trust, social media does it all for you. If your store misses social media integration then you are losing out a lot. Do make sure to involve at least any one of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest in your marketing strategy.


5. Update return Policy

Last but not least retaining your customer is another big challenge. It is always expensive to get new customers rather than retaining old ones. 95% of people make a purchase after reading the return policy of an Online Store. The physical store has the advantage of feel and touch of product before buying, but in Online business, images are the best guide, so returns are bound to happen. Keeping the Best return policy should be a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.


To conclude the above 5 points will help you revive your old website and give it a fresh look which in turn increases your business.

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