Multiple Product Images boosts your eCommerce Product page

Multiple Product Images boosts your eCommerce Product page

multiple product images for product page

A good image speaks a thousand words. We all know the power of the image. When you are creating a product page for your eCommerce website, you need a professional-looking and optimized product photo. But a single product image is not that appealing and describes your product. This guide is all about adding multiple photos to your eCommerce page. We will see why you need to add multiple product images to your product page.


1. Importance of product photography for eCommerce website

At first, it’s all about product photography. The product must be in high definition and should look attractive to the users. Instead of clicking photos by yourself, you can have a professional do it? With this, you will increase the sales. Make sure you have the lighting correct. It will increase the glow of the product and attract more people to buy your product.


2. Demo your products from every angle

Attractive Product page

Most eCommerce products need a photo from every single angle. This is the core reason why you need multiple photos. In most cases, the front, side, and back view is enough whereas some might also require you to take the top angle. You can also mention the size of the product in the images or have a quick chart for the same.


3. Benefits of having quality Product Images

There are multiple benefits of having multiple product images on your eCommerce product page.


A. Reduce Returns

The first benefit lies in the returns. It will reduce the number of returns you get as people can see what exactly they are ordering. If they know what they are ordering, there are fewer chances of return and refund. It’s recommended to show the size of the product directly in the images and has multiple images from different angles.


B. Reduce customer support

As the product images are clear, some fewer people will require the support. They can directly see the image and understand the product by themselves. Most of the customer support requests will be regarding the product. So, if you have the right images, it will decrease the hassle. Also, many customers don’t even think about contacting the support but switch to a different website instead. If you have multiple images, you will also convert them into your customers.


C. Engage audiences

If people see multiple images, they are likely going to scroll to all the images. Therefore, you will have a better engagement rate. Therefore, it’s always better to have more images. People can engage with the product. The more they engage with the product, the better chance they have of buying it.


D. Increase Social Shareability

It’s always great to have a social presence. What if you can do that just by having better product photography and having multiple product images? It’s the best way to get free social shares. Especially, if you are selling a product that needs an opinion, you are going to get a lot of social shares with this.



To conclude, these are a few reasons why you should have multiple product images on your eCommerce product page. You can always have professional product photography to get the best images for your product page. You can try this and see a decent increase in sales and engagement.

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