eCommerce Marketing: 5 Things All Online Sellers Should Know |

eCommerce Marketing: 5 Things All Online Sellers Should Know

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When it comes to eCommerce marketing, there are a few things that every single seller should know. If you know and implement all these things, you will see a decent increase in your sales and will be able to grow your eCommerce store.


Five eCommerce Stats

We will now directly get into the five best eCommerce stats or tips that you should know.


A. How Shipping Charges Influence website Conversions

Shipping charges play a major role in influencing sales. Data shows that a majority of customers don’t want to pay the shipping charges. If your product is selling at 100 bucks and you apply 10 bucks as a shipping charge, there will be lesser conversions. Instead, you can increase the price of the product to 110 and offer free shipping. This will increase the sales. It’s a psychological reason that influences sales. So, always waive off the shipping charge. You can also offer free shipping if the cart exceeds a certain amount. Make sure that the account is near the average cart value you have.


B. Account creation on eCommerce website

You will be shocked to know this stat. Most people find it very difficult to create an account in an eCommerce store. Therefore, account creation should be simple and easy. MoreCustomersApp an eCommerce Platform allows sellers to customize filled for account creation and keep it simple or complex according to their business. Don’t ask for every information. You can only take the necessary information from the customer to create an account. Guest Checkout is also something you can look into it.


C. Online Discounts a win-win situation

One of the best eCommerce marketing strategies is promotions/offers. The more offers you have, the more people will buy. You can offer a site-wide discount as well as product discounts. In this way, people will buy more from you. There are multiple ways you can offer a discount. It can be on the specific payment method or you can also offer a discount if the cart value increases the specific price.


D. Acquire Customer through Retargeting Model

The retargeting model works perfectly well for every single online business. The strategy is to retarget the people who are already your customers. Sending them periodic emails about the offers, running retargeting ads, etc can be a lot more useful here. If they have bought something from you, they will more likely buy it again from you. It’s easier to convince them as compared to a new customer. You can also have a loyalty program as it’s kind of a retargeting strategy.


E. Customer Satisfaction

If the customer is satisfied, they are more likely to leave online reviews for the items they have purchased. Online reviews play a very important role in convincing people to buy from you. More than 50% of people will check online reviews before they buy the product from your store. Not to mention, if the customer is properly satisfied, they are more likely to market your eCommerce store using word of mouth. So, you will also get a lot of customers from there.



To summarize, these are the five most important eCommerce marketing strategies or stats that every eCommerce seller should know. If you have all these things, you are more likely to convert the customer to buy your product.

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