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The 5 Post-Purchase Emails You Need to Send Your Customers to Drive Sales

The moment we make a sale we add a new customer to our list. This is the time after post-purchase we make relation with new customer and create trust and hence a brand of your Online store. There are many marketing strategies to drive more sales and email marketing is one of them. Marketing emails are marked as spam a lot and hence we need to be very careful for the same but transactional emails are one that is read for sure and also sending an email can drive a lot of traffic. We will see the 5 post-purchase emails that you should surely send to your customers. This will give you more sales and better customer retention.

So, you should surely send these emails. But before that we understand

Why customer retention needed and is beneficial for eCommerce store

Customer retention is the place where the customers will buy from you again. Acquiring a new customer is far more expensive and difficult than retaining the old one. With this, you can surely get more sales. It increases the lifetime value of the customers. Therefore, you can surely optimize customer retention. “Happy customers are your Brand ambassador”


What are Post Purchase emails?

At first, we will see what are post-purchase emails. These are automated emails you send after someone purchases your products. These emails provide your customers with important information about their orders. These emails are also proof of what you have purchased in case a wrong or damaged product is delivered.

But you can also use your post-purchase emails beyond confirming order details like to tell more about your brand, New Arrivals, or any promotion in-store. These emails not only tell them that they’ve made the right decision to buy from you, but also increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

When done right, post-purchase emails will help you:

  • Drive customers to buy from you again
  • Create feedback from your customers
  • Help provide better customer experience


How to Drive Sales through 5 post-purchase emails

1. Order Confirmation email

At first, you will need to send an order confirmation email. You can always send a confirmation email telling your customers that their order is confirmed.

Here are the things you need to add to your template.

  • Order details
  • Price
  • Product list
  • Delivery date
  • Important links

Along with these, you can send either some coupon to use for their next order or introduce any New Product. For more inspiration, check out examples of order confirmation emails here.

2. Order Dispatched/Shipment Received/Thank You email

The next is where you will have to send three more emails.

You can always send emails that will tell the shipping details. You can keep the customers updated.

Further, you can always send the tracking order link.

Things you can add here.

  • Add emotions as well. For example, you can add “Hurray!, your product is out for delivery” and similar things.
  • Add a tracking order link.
  • Don’t forget to add a quick summary of the delivery and the final expected delivery date.

For additional inspiration, check out more examples of thank you for your purchase emails here.

3. Product Feedback/review Email

When the product is delivered and the customer has been using the product for a few days (usually 2 to 3 days). You can easily send an email asking them to leave a review for the product.

Things you need to add here.

  • Product link
  • Review example (if need)
  • Why the customer should leave a review

4.Product Recommendation Email

The next email you can send is the product recommendation email. You can always have a couple of products selected that the customer can buy.

If a customer has bought a camera and green screen, you can always send them the recommendation of getting camera lights.

Things to add here.

  • A few product names
  • One line description
  • Price
  • A link to other products

5. Discount/Offer Email on Re-order

You can always send the discount offer email. This is purely optional. Whenever the customer places their first order, you can offer them a decent discount for the next time they shop. This will leave a very good impression and they will also buy from you again.

Things to add to the template.

  • Discount details
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expiry date
  • A few product recommendations or a link to the same



To conclude, these are some of the emails you should send to your customers after they purchase something from you. You can surely send more if you want.

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