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8 eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

eCommerce trends 2021

2020 has been a tough year for the whole world due to the pandemic situation.  Many entrepreneurs made a shift to Online Business and thought it’s the right time to start an eCommerce business. The constant increase in e-retail revenues since 2019 gave rise to eCommerce trends for 2021.

There are 8 eCommerce trends to watch for in the present year that will be for the next few years at least.

eCommerce Trends 2021

  • Voice Commerce is the first trend that will change the way people do shopping. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have completely changed the perception of people for asking for Help. The same goes for Online Shopping in the coming years.
  • Omnichannel shopping is a new way that people want to shop. Consistent experience across all devices is new normal now. Customers use a wide range of devices and hence your store should be compatible to deliver.
  • AI and VR– People want to get real simulation in online shopping. Therefore, AI and VR are the new future. We all know about Augmented reality, having this technology with eCommerce is a win-win situation for all entrepreneurs.
  • New Payment Options – Further, you also need to take care of the payment methods as people want more and more ways to make the payment. Everyone has a different preferred way of payment. Currently, we saw a rise in Digital payments, but Bitcoins are our future.
  • Dynamic pricing will continue to emerge. More and more retailers will opt for a Dynamic pricing model for their products.
  • Mobile Commerce: As people are always on their phones, mobile shopping will be preferred. On average a person spends 4-5 hours on mobile just for browsing. Business owners should grab this opportunity and provide their customers a seamless shopping experience with their responsive eCommerce websites.
  • Environment-friendly practices: Sustainability practices like eco-friendly shopping will increase sales.
  • Visual Commerce – For better engagement, visual commerce will play an important role.

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