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Digital Payments saw 50-60% of the increase in eCommerce

50-60% of spends on E-commerce platforms via digital modes

Before the pandemic, the people of India believed in Cash on Delivery rather than paying via digital mode. However, the pandemic has changed a lot of things including the preferred payment methods. The people who used to pay via cash have now shifted to digital payments.

Digital payments have increased a lot due to the shortage of cash. During the pandemic, people were advised to stay at home. The lockdown across the country made it more difficult to get the cash. With these scenes in mind, people started using digital payment as a payment option.

Huge shopping websites including Flipkart and Amazon saw more than a 50% increase in online payments rather than offline ones. Along with Credit Cards and Debit cards, there is a sharp increase in UPI and e-wallets payment methods. Also, no contact delivery and various other measures taken by eCommerce platforms encouraged people to use the digital mode of payments. Once people start using it, they are more likely to use the digital payment for future transactions too.  Online Shopkeeper can benefit from eCommerce Platform like MoreCustomersApp, that provide payment gateway integration in their Online Store. These platforms provide easy to integrate plugins with many payment gateways like PayPal, Razorpay, stripe, etc.

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